April 7, 2014

Mojo Challenge Week 5: Jewelry Redos

I took a little hiatus due to my travelling schedule. I hope you are all ready to jump in and start again with week 5 of the Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge.  Let's rev up those creative engines this week!

Your Assignment:
Take apart a few older designs and use the pieces to create a new creation.

We all have that pile of jewelry that we have either fallen out of love with or it sat in a box because it was only 'meh' and didn't have the design punch we were hoping to achieve.  Maybe it's older jewelry that is no longer in fashion or doesn't fit your style any longer. Whatever the case, I know you have some jewelry that could use a second chance.  I know I do!

So pull out those pieces, remember to snap a before photo and then get to work disassembling and then working your mojo.

Tips for Redos:
*Look for pieces that have special beads you'd like to reuse.
*Take apart a few pieces to give yourself more choices and who knows, maybe you'll be on a roll and create several new designs from your reclaimed goods.
*Focus on the principles of good design to make sure your round two is a stronger piece of jewelry.

Here is a must-read series on the 7 Principles of Design for Jewelry Making on Fire Mountain Gem's website. (Scroll down on at the bottom of the article for the links to the entire series.)

Share your progress!
If you write a blog post about your Week 5 Challenge share the link by clicking on the blue button below.  If you don't have a blog leave a comment here to let me know you participated in the Facebook group this week.

What is the Jewelry Mojo Challenge? Click here to read all about it.  Can you still join? Yes! You can follow along and do all 12 weeks or pick and choose the ones you find inspiring.

March 19, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday

Finishing up some last minute Bead Cruise beads before I head out tomorrow. These are my hibiscus flower pendants in process.

See you all March 31st when I return with the Mojo Challenge. You have two weeks to catch up or revisit your favorite challenges so far.

So what's on your Bead Table today? Share the good, the bad or the truely messy!

March 16, 2014

Vintaj Art Bead Partner

I'm so excited to announce today that I'm the next Vintaj Art Bead Partner!

Vintaj and Humblebeads go together like peas and carrots.  Their earthy natural brass, copper and arte metal findings are the perfect compliment to my nature-inspired designs.  Last year the Vintaj team assigned me the theme of field journal and I could have been more pleased with such a sweet theme. 

You can win that big pile of Vintaj and Humblebeads above - click here to enter.

The Vintaj team has put together a Pinterst board with my beads, their components, jewelry they made for the theme and a few tutorials. They will be featuring the Field Journal theme on their website this month and on their blog.  

The Vintaj Partner beads will be in my Etsy shop while I'm on the Bead Cruise.  My assistant will be shipping out Etsy orders while I'm gone.  Poor guy, I go on vacation for a week - he gets to go to the Post Office.  

If you are quick you can still use the discount code SAILAWAY for 25% off your Etsy order today.  

March 12, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday

There may be 6" of new fallen snow outside my window, but in my mind I'm already lazing on tropical beaches in the Bahamas.  My bead table this week is filled with prep work for the Bead Cruise.

On the Bead Cruise we have a costume party every year and this year the theme is Disco.  So I needed some crazy, long golden and big ol' hoop earrings to go with my ensemble! Check out my Disco Dance Fever Pinterest Board for some fun.

I also made a starfish bracelet that was going to go in the Bead Cruise booklet but got chopped due to space limits. I will write up the tutorial for the Art Bead Scene when I get back from the cruise.  It features a sweet pendant from my friend Erin (Tesori Travoti). There are also beads from Genea and BlueberriBeads. The back of the starfish says, "Refresh Your Soul." That's just what the sun, sand and surf will do, that and hanging out with 50 amazing bead-obsessed cruise buddies. Nothing like kindred spirits to refresh the soul.

And then, we are working our tails off on orders and stocking up for the cruise.  Yep, that's my Wednesday.  You can't even SEE the table tops around here - don't be fooled by my neat and tidy presentation above.

Bead Table Wednesday is a fun way to connect with other beady creatives. You can share your bead table or work in progress - messy or staged. There are no rules! Share your post  below or on Instagram. Use the hashtag #beadtablewednesday. 

So what's on your bead table?

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March 11, 2014

Big Sale and March Schedule

Hello Friends!

March is whizzing by and I'm making my final Bead Cruise preparations which means winding down my production schedule and putting my shops on vacay next week.

I will traveling on the Bead Cruise from the 20th until the 28th. (Don't hate me!)

Humblebeads will be open until March 18th. 

Shipping Schedule:

Etsy orders will ship daily until March 18th.

Website orders placed before Thursday 3/13 will ship out by Monday 3/17. 

Please note: website orders placed after the 13th will ship April 2nd.

Stock Up Sale - Click on over to my Etsy shop and save 25% off your order with code SAILAWAY until Friday.  This includes new items, sales and bead bundles - everything! These items are in stock and ready to ship.

Shop the Sale Now! www.humblebeads.etsy.com