May 22, 2007

Jewelry Shows

I have been busy filling orders and working on jewelry for a show I did this past weekend. I'm glad I took the chance. We sold a lot of jewelry and enjoyed the market day. Some days I miss doing shows. Jess and I started selling jewelry at shows the first year we were married. We would pay for our living expenses selling jewelry. I remember our first "booth" was a piece of foam core board with fabric wrapped around it set up on an easel. Wow, that seems so long ago. I love meeting artists and seeing what talent is locally grown. I really miss the art shows in the small tourist towns in West Michigan.

I forgot how much I love to make jewelry, sometimes I get so busy making beads. I have 2 lines of jewelry that I would like to start producing and selling again. I need more hours in day!

The photo above is part of our booth display from this past weekend. That's Jesse's jewelry on the books. He was so excited to sell his pieces.

So now the big question, do I sign up again for next month? It's always a gamble. A gamble that it doesn't rain, a gamble that the right crowd will be there. A gamble that we won't all sweat to death in June, although the chances of that are pretty high here in Texas. Hard choice. I guess the question is, do I feel lucky?


LampworkDiva said...

Yes! Sign up again, Heather! I lovE, loVE, LOVE Jess's jewelry displayed on the books!! Squeee!!


Yes, go for it. You will get the customer whowill come back because they did not buy enought last time.