June 15, 2007

A Great Big Pile of Jewelry!

That's what is sitting on my desk, all ready to go tomorrow. Now if you read this, send thoughts of sunshine. I get so nervous about the weather when we do an outdoor show. 30% chance of thunderstorms, see shows are a gamble. They even give you the odds to place your bet!

Dragonfly necklace with a humblebead, a boro glass bead and hammered brass dragonfly. Oh, hammering your brass pieces are fun, you should try it!

A different version of my dragonfly necklace.

And now, the showstopper. Drumroll please...

This necklace is created with 40 disk beads, 2 long Chrysanthemum beads and a clasp that I am in love with. Now the big question, will it end up on the table tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Your work is gorgeous! I just found you through an interview at another craft blog - I think it was called craft synergy or something like that. Anyway, I will be back!

Auntie Rose said...

You have out done yourself again!! If it doesn't end up on the table does that mean you will send it to me? Didn't think so :(
Great looking pieces!!