October 18, 2007

Still Here

I've been buried in my studio trying to stay on top of the heap of orders and obligations.

The special earring issue from BeadStyle comes out November 15, so I have new kits and new limited edition beads. More on those later.

I have been a whirlwind of a jewelry designer lately. I have more items than I can get up in my shop. Thickets and Thistles is my fall collection, leaves and autumn inspired flowers. But now I have my holiday line ready to be launched.

Yikes, I need a computer guru to list new items for me. That would be nice. Hmm, can I fashion a robot out of polymer clay and spare computer parts?

I've applied to one show for the season and still waiting to hear if I got in, which you never know. And after an ornament making session this weekend it will be time to call the gallery to show off my latest wares.

So this has been the business over here in the buzzing little humblebeads studio. The air is getting drier and cooler each day. I've started dreaming about the holidays and with that always comes a little turning inward as I contemplate ideas like peace, love, joy and spending more time with loved ones than working. Not always an easy task for this workaholic.


Eva said...

so happy to see you!
nice things as usual, happiness in my heart!
so good! i was so upset before coming! ;-)
see you soon?!
best regards

Vintage Blue Studio said...


The down by the river bead came the other day and it is even better in person! My fiance actually grabbed it out of my hands and started looking it over and then he's says, "that's really cool...and impressive". If that doesnt seem like a big deal, it is, because it happened while football was on and it takes alot to tear him away from that, lol!


DC Designs said...

very cute earrings, very etsy-ish