November 1, 2007

Too Soon?

To pull out the holiday fanfare? Not for me! I am an official Christmas nut. I watch Christmas movies all year round. I start listening to Christmas music in October. Bet you didn't know your beads last month were being made to the tune of Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland!

I've been making these little guys and special holiday earrings all month, getting ready for my Holiday Open House in my Etsy shop on Monday. I'll post more details about that later this weekend.

Do you start planning early, with the twinkle of Christmas lights in your eye?

If you want to listen to some holiday music, check out accu radio. It's free online radio, I listen to it all the time.

Have you taken the pledge to buy handmade this holiday season?

And worried that Christmas is too commercial? I've been reading Unplug the Christmas Machine and recommend it to anyone who wants to have the holidays about more than just buying the latest and greatest. What I really have been enjoying about the book is how they identify the needs that Christmas celebrations fill for us and how to truly meet those needs through ways other than shopping. It's not a scrooge type book either as they have you identify what you most enjoy about the holidays and how to keep what is working and weed out the causes of holiday stress and depression.

And it is only November 1st, so be sure to take time to enjoy the crunch of acorns and leaves as you take walks on brisk days. Sip some apple cider that you warm up in the microwave on a cold evening (especially tasty if paired up with a plain donut.) Take a drive or hike in the country to check out the leaves as they change colors. Make sure to take a moment to enjoy today while you are feverishly planning those tomorrows.

"The world is full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." - Robert Louis Stevenson


Patty said...

Hi Heather,

My name is Patty and I'm a glass bead artist (part time) who has just noticed and fallen in love with your work! I love your fall-themed beads (those color make me swoon!) and your snowmen are cute as a button.

I have inadvertently gotten into the holiday mood early as well - last year I put a bunch of Christmas music on my iPod and just haven't had the time to put it in it's own folder, so when I shuffle-play, every so often (yes, even in June) O Holy Night pops up! Oh well - though I'm sure it makes me ecclectic, at least they're the songs I love.

I'll think about that handmade pledge...

Best -

Deabusamor said...

Wow, and I thought I was crazy about Christmas but you start holiday crafting in October! Your christmas beads are gorgeous and seem so infused with fuzzy-feelings (the snowman looks adorably warm in his scarf.)

Lucy said...

As a merchant I need to get in the Christmas spirit early than I do--but as a consumer I like to enjoy each month as it comes--like you said taking the time to enjoy the apple cider and the crunch of the leaves and beauty around us this fall.

The book you mention sound good, I'll have to keep my eyes open for it :)

Beautiful bead work!