December 13, 2007

Ornament Thursday

I couldn't resist the pull of Ornament Thursday, such a great collection of artists and designers making the coolest ornaments this side of the North Pole. My design is a simple one using art beads, wire and few embellishments.

5 Disk Beads (from Humblebeads)
20 gauge wire
6 pewter spacers, 6mm
Pewter Pendant (from Green Girl Studios)
3" silver cable link chain

1. Wire-wrap loop, string on a spacer and a disk bead, repeat 4 times, ending with a spacer bead.

2. Make a loop at the bottom of the wire, thread one end of the chain unto the wire. Loop the chain through the pendant and add the other end of the chain to the wire to hold the pendant. Wire-wrap the wire to form the bottom loop.

3. Tie on a ribbon in the desired length.

Add a few wire-wrapped dangles to create this garden inspired ornament.

Create a funky sprite tassel with seed beads and accents to match the disk beads.

Now on to the other fantastic blogs to view more ornaments, just imagine what our Christmas trees must look like!
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Katie Hacker said...

I love the dragonfly ornament especially. The colors in your beads are just so perfect.

Kriss said...

I just love these ornaments. They are fantastic!

Margot Potter said...


These are gorgeous.

Perfectly delightful.


Melissa said...

Gorgeous - the colors in your disc beads are just perfect holiday colors.

Alexa said...

These are really lovely and simple. Very pretty.

Linda at Make It Mine Mag said...

Love these too, Heather. You must make beads 24/7!

Labyrinth Gal said...

These are BEAUTIFUL! Too beautiful to pack away at the end of the season! :-) Hali

Rebecca said...

Your beads are amazing! They really do make a beautiful ornament!

Michelle McGee said...

Really nice... I love the charm!

Vintage Blue Studio said...

Beautiful ornaments! Thanks for posting all those links filled with goodies!


GirlfriendologyToo said...

Wow - I love this idea! Your beads are beautiful and inspiring! Debba

Heather Powers said...

thanks everyone, i had fun making these. I whipped up a few of the acorn ones for my tree. The dragonfly one is almost too pretty, seems like it should be hanging around my neck instead!

yes linda, the beads have taken over!!!

Beading Help Web Editorial Team said...

Heather, what a fun idea! I love the beads you've made, and the ornaments are really stunning!

Melanie said...

I love the dragonfly!!...Your beads are beautiful and thank you for the links to all the goodies!!... Melanie:)