March 13, 2009

Bead Cruise Classes

On the Bead Cruise on the days at sea we hold our classes. I taught the Calypso Cuff Bracelet and Sea Beads. We had a great time in both classes, I love teaching but I don't think I will be teaching again for a while. It's not the direction I want to take my business, I would rather focus on submitting for publications and writing books. That's teaching, in a way! The best part about teaching is spending a few hours with so many talented people.
Pictured above: my bracelet class, we enjoyed watching the view as the ocean passed us by.

Here Becky Lord is working diligently. She was determined to finish.

And my 3 star pupils: Sandy, Sherry and Sandy, they finished their bracelets in record time and sported them around the ship. Ah, I'm so proud of them!

On the last day at sea I taught how to make Sea Beads. You just can't help but have fun when the polymer clay gets pulled out. I loved seeing all the different beads everyone came up with, they worked so hard and made some wonderful sea beads. (Above are Becky's beads.)

I can't for the life of me remember who made these beads, but I love the "barnacley" looking ones so much!
Rosanne made a beautiful collection, talent must run in the family!
I have some new sea beads of my own to list in my shop, but today is Jesse's birthday so there are birthday meals, cake and spoiling to attend to now.


Karin said...

That looks like so much fun! IMHO, teachers make great authors, so you're on the right track.

Summer said...

Playing with polyclay on a ship at sea...

*barely containing jealousy*


Such lovely work! And as someone who never gets a chance to take beading classes (nor is able to afford cruises), I'm more than happy to hear that you're focusing on publications:)