April 5, 2010

Thirty Steps to Forward

I love this band, Thirty Steps to Forward.
It could be because I love Gretchen's sweet and honest voice.  Or it might be the thought-provoking lyrics.  Or it could be the stripped downed acoustic sound provided by Seth on guitar and mandolin.

It might be because we are cut from the same cloth.
Kindred spirits, shaped by some of the same memories.

I promise it's not just because they are my youngest sister and brother.  Although I can say I have enjoyed a few private concerts from the artists.

You can listen to a preview and purchase their debut album, The Bird and The Fool, here.

Their music has been keeping me company in the studio lately while I create things like this:

and this...
Be sure to check out Seth and Gretchen's music and help support indie artists!


Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

Beautiful pieces! I thought they looked like they might be related...what a talented family! Enjoy your day!

Pearl and Pebble said...

Wow Heather!! Their sound is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing:) And I love your pieces here. This is a most beautiful necklace, very earthy and cool.

TesoriTrovati said...

I will check them out later when I am in the studio! You have made inspired pieces while listening so maybe that will inspire me as well!
Enjoy the day, friend.

Beverly Herman said...

Seth and Gretchen are mini-me's. They look just like their Mom and Dad! I love the music. Seth is very talented and Gretchen's voice is beautiful. I love the necklace you made for Hannah. Those new toggles are awesome!

Rosanne said...

Talent just abounds in this family! Gretchen and Seth are a wonderful duo. God has graced our families in so many ways. I love Hannah's necklace. Lucky girl to have her mother to design for her.

Beatnheart said...

hey Heather I'm new here..just another bead addict...wow that cruise, how lucky-kay are you!! a question? where do you get the big jump rings you use with your focals in the center...I can't find em anywhere...are they jumps or solid?? Thanks

GailW. said...

I listened to their music & really like it,she does have a beautiful voice.I like the necklace and pendant,also.Where did you get those tiny flowers?Aren't they ceramic?Will you tell us?Have a good day,Heather!

cheap jewelry making supplies said...

lovely necklace you made their! great job!