March 27, 2012

Spring Nests

I love how everything is coming back to life after the cold winter months! Flowers are blooming, trees have tiny buds - some have exploded with blossoms and the sweet sound of birds wakes me up each morning.  I forgot how wonderful spring is after everything seems so blah.  Next week is Spring Break for my girls and how in the world is it almost Easter?  Can someone please do some magic that makes Cadbury Eggs calorie free?  It's such a simple request.  No, okay I'll stick with enjoying the sunshine and birds chirping then!

I whipped up this nest the other day and then created a tutorial for it to offer in my Etsy shop.  The nest is a small decoration - you could attach it to the top of a box, set in on a shelf or use it as a place card hold or to hold up a little photo - the leaf is the perfect perch.  With a little skill you could easily transform the design into a pin or a pendant.  I think I'm going to do some smaller ones as gifts for the girl's Easter baskets.  I know they are teenagers, but they still want those little sweet treats from childhood.  Don't we all?


SummersStudio said...

I'd love to have that in my Easter basket. It's a very sweet little nest and I adore the leaf and glass flowers you added to it.

Terri said...

Very nice. I love the curls of wire!

Beverly Herman said...

There are nests and than there are beautiful nests. The flowers and leaf make this this the most BEAUTIFUL nest of all.
Love your Mom :)

quickcer said...

This is a cleaver idea by including the flowers. I agree with your Mom--this is a beautiful nest.

Anthony said...

I love it and it reminds me of my childhood. You made cold ferric wires into a warm nest. I love it.