January 5, 2015

Muffin Challenge Winners

Wow, I have just skimmed through your blogs - I will dig into them tonight. But I am super impressed by everyone that joined the challenge! You worked hard to get those pieces finished and it seems muffin tins are magical creativity portals - who knew! What a great start for the new year. 

If you missed the challenge I encourage you to give yourself a deadline, fill up 6-12 muffin cups with everything you need for project in each cup and then spend a few hours cranking out the work! 

You'll have a finished pile of jewelry before you know it! 

I noticed several mentioned that they did edit as they went along creating, I did too! Sometimes a bead just tells you what it needs - so listen! 

So let's move on to the three winners that were chosen by random from all the qualifying entries.

The first place winner is Michelle McCarthy who has won a $75 gift certificate to Humblebeads.com.

My two runners up are going to receive a little gift bag worth $30 from my bead stash! 

Strega and Shaiha are my two other winners! Email me your mailing address ladies, I have goodies to send your way. 

So did you love the challenge? 

Do you want more challenges in 2015?

What are some challenging issues you have when it comes to making jewelry? 

Chat with me in the comments below and I will find fun and creative ways to keep you inspired! 


Alice said...

Congrats to the winners! I love this challenge and would like to do it often
Also I enjoyed your jewelry making mojo challenge.

Terri said...

Kudos to the winners! This muffin challenge was great! I also like the Michael's challenges..so cool to see same product used so differently. So what ever you do as long as I am able to participate...you can count me in.

Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Loved this challenege as it motivated me to push myself!

Sandy said...

Congrats to the winners! Thank you for spurring on so much creativity.

Shaiha said...

Oh wow! Thank you! Talk about a double win with learning this technique and some goodies!

Anonymous said...

Heather, to be honest, I forgot there was a prize to be had. I just got so wound up in how well this system worked that I went crazy loco! And now, I'm a winner! Woot woot! This is a great way to start the year! Thank you. and that is a double thank you, once for giving us this challenge and once for the goodies I'm going to get.

Lotus said...

Thanks for the challenge, Heather! I took photos of my tins and set to work. I was limited in the time I had to work due to other pressing commitments, but it really got me going! I'll be finishing things and posting to my blog later. Two of the projects I worked on, a bracelet and a necklace and earring set, were donated to a scholarship auction for our Land Improvement Contractors Association and raised $270! I'm SO excited about that! Here's to everyone who participated in the challenge!
Terri Greenawalt

Firefly Design Studio said...

I am super excited to have won the challenge drawing....I love Humblebeads! Thank you Heather!!!!

TesoriTrovati said...

I keep this challenge going all the time. Just finally posted about it. Sorry to be so late! Here is my link: http://treasures-found.blogspot.com/2015/01/two-seasons.html
Enjoy the day.
PS Congrats to the winners but to us all for jumping into the challenge!

Elizabeth Owens said...

Congrats to all the winners!! Sorry I missed this...just signed up with my email so now I will be able to follow! ;)