June 6, 2015

Fox in the Forest Bracelet

I whipped up this fun bracelet pairing together a fox button from Green Girl Studios with some of my new woven disk beads. Czech glass leaves, wooden beads and copper colored dyed hematite finish the design knotted on Irish waxed linen for an earthy bracelet that you can whip in in under 30 minutes!

pewter fox button 
5 polymer clay disk beads
5 Czech maple leaves
7 wood triangle beads
18 4mm dyed hematite 
36" Irish waxed linen

1. String the waxed linen twice through the loop on the button and center the button on the linen. 

2. Tie an overhand knot with both strands of the linen. String a hematite bead on both strands, tie an overhand knot and repeat. 

3. On one strand of linen string on the lead bead, tie an overhand knot with both stands. Repeat four times. 

4. String both strands of linen through a wood bead, tie an overhand knot. Repeat six more times. 

5. Repeat step 4 with the five disk beads.

6. On both strands of linen string on 13 hematite beads. Form a loop with the beads, leaving a small space under the beads and tie both strands around the linen under the hematite beads to secure your loop. Wrap the linen around the base of the loop again and tie another knot.

7. Add 1 hematite bead to one stand of linen, tie an overhand knot. Repeat on the other strand of linen with 2 hematite beads. Trim the end of the linen leaving a 1/4 tail, fray the linen ends slightly. 

Fox button: Green Girl Studios. Disk beads: Humblebeads. Wood and hematite beads: J & M Imports. Czech glass leaves: Nirvana Beads

Kits are available at booth 1208 at the Bead & Button show. I will list any extras when I return home. 


Janet Mc said...

Love this Heather!

Carol Briody said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! My struggles always come with making that last set of knots neatly....so, do you take both cords around 'together' to make the knot series of final knots?

Claire Tomlinson said...

I am in love with this bracelet, its stunning! Beautifully nature inspired.

Claire xo
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