July 14, 2007

Street Smarts

Okay, so everything Etsy floats my boat, as you may have read before.

Let me introduce you to my latest love, Etsy Street Teams.
Street teams are groups of Etsy sellers who band together to promote their shops online and off.

Street teams that I belong to:

PCAGOE - Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. Search for PCAGOE to find what creations members are offering on Etsy.

JET - Jewelry on Etsy Team, use JETT to search for their items on etsy.

Etsy Bead - they have a weekly theme, if you search for EBWT you can see the items that everyone has for the theme and often they are on sale.

Each team has contests, creativity challenges, a flickr group and sales.

So let's talk about the sale. JET is having a Wild Weekend Sale. You can read what discounts members are offering here. I have 20% off my entire shop until the end of today. Check out my new beads and jewelry!


Cassiemarie said...

I love your beads! The blue and orange ones remind me of the "starry night" painting.

Jean said...

yes, those are stunning!

DC Designs said...

my goodness girl, i think you just might heart etsy more than I do!!!! *gasp*