July 25, 2007

working away

Oh boy, my Etsy shop and I have a hot affair going on. Don't tell humblebeads.com. There might be some jealousy. Why do I love selling on Etsy so much?

1. I get so tired of making the same beads day after day. Etsy gives me a chance to sell those little creative bursts of energy that are my experiments.

2. I love a good party, and isn't Etsy just a fun party? There is no end to the social networking on that site. I love meeting new artists and being inspired.

3. It's a great test market. I can try out things that are limited editions before I add them to my website.

4. It opens up the door for new customers that I couldn't reach, this is especially true for my beads with all of the talented jewelry designers on Etsy.

5. I've been able to sell my jewelry online. I've never had much luck selling jewelry from my website. But earrings and pendants have been heading off to customers all over the country! Which a great because I have a HUGE pile of jewelry just awaiting the next show in October.

6. And the top reason I love selling on Etsy. They give you the sellers' manual, you just need to follow along.

I've been on Etsy for 2 months and have sold 65 items. Maybe that's the real reason I love Etsy.

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