August 6, 2007

Gone Fishin'

Okay, I'm officially going off line Today until August 13th.

What will I do without email or the internet for a whole week?

1. play with my kids
2. clean my studio
3. make some new jewelry, just for me

That's my to-do list. Sounds pretty wonderful. I'm also going to bake zucchini bread, sew some teddy bears with my girls, go to a lake, swim at the local pool. Work in my yard. Make an outdoor room on my porch to enjoy at night. Roast some s'mores. Celebrate my birthday by watching a meteor shower.

Hope you find some time this week to enjoy the little things!

p.s. my humblebeads and etsy shop are still open. Orders will be shipped out when I'm ready to jump back into work on the 13th.


devi said...

i wish you a nice vacation and a great birthday with clear sky to see many, many meteors!

cindy said...

What a great idea ~ taking the week off to enjoy your daughters, crafts, and baking! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
~ Cindy

the art of curiosity said...

I wish you a very happy holiday & an extra special birthday!

I love the idea of an outdoor room on your porch - I'm so envious & would love to see some pictures?

It would be a 'Mission Impossible' project here in the UK. Very few days go by when it's not cold or wet :-(

cat said...

You make amazing stuff! I stumbled upon you...have you considered a presence on You'd be a hit!

Ginger said...

These are the best polymer beads ever. Wow! Enjoy your time off and see you back here for the blog carnival.

Stitchblade Etsy said...

Can I come hang with you??? Sounds like a blast! Swimming sounds awesome....its finally starting to feel like a Texas Summer these past few days.

belvedere beads said...

i've missed you, well your entertaining blogging, it's always weird when you read someone's blog all the time, you start to feel like you know them - especially if you like their artwork. hope you had a wonderful week and a very happy birthday.

Heather Powers said...

thank you everyone for the bithday wishes. I had a lovely time.

The outdoor room didn't make it past the planning stages, it will be ready for the cooler fall weather. We have an outdoor porch that is in need of a makeover. good place for sketching and collecting thoughts.

Cat, I do have an etsy shop:

back to the bead table for me!