November 30, 2008

Handmade Sunday

There hasn't been much extra crafting or any strides in my gift list this week as I prepare for the show. But I did manage to experiment with silk and beads, using a tiny bit of my silk dupioni stash. Above is a little bead stocking that I made. The front is a mystery fabric that is see-through. The back of the stocking is the silk dupioni in gold.

(Back of the stocking.)

I was telling my friend about ordering silk rippins from Bello Modo and she said, "You mean silk that is ripped? You could do that Heather." Uh, I can? And there, right during Thanksgiving, she pulled out some silk and showed me how to tear it into perfect little strips.
Above is a little ornament I made using an Illuminated Manuscript bead, chain, a lucite flower and glass bead along with a bow made from the silk strips.
I immediately thought of all the colors of silk I have and how I could use these strips in jewelry. Although I am concerned about the long term unraveling of the threads.
But that didn't stop me from experimenting. Here I used a torn silk strip with a brass chain for this bracelet that features one of my new beads. More trials will ensue, I'm sure. Have you ever made your own jewelry cords from silk, any advice?
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No Easy Beads said...

You have made the perfect stocking to put a set of beads in. The ornament with the Illuminated Manuscript bead.... I love it!! The silk ribbon is the perfect adornment for the bracelet

Fab Fibers said...

Very cool stuff Heath! I've ripped cotton for prim material balls, but never thought of silk for jewelry. And you have a great stash to experiment with. Love when those light bulbs flash...;^)

Judith said...

Fabric unraveling or securing nylon knots? Try "Fray Check" - I can't live without it. It's clear, stays soft and was developed for just what concerns you. Besides, you can get it in a bottle with a really fine tip.