August 21, 2010


Okay, no bodily function stories will be shared in this post - but I am sharing maybe a little too much information. But I thought it might benefit someone, so of course I have to share!
Uh, the camera Heather? Yes, this is a post about cameras - I know you were scared right?

I bought my first digital camera about 7 years ago and paid over $600 dollars for it. It was an amazing beauty, I loved that thing. But it didn't last and would cost over $200 to fix. I was upset, put off by how much money I had spent and expected that thing to last a lifetime, really I did. So in a fit of cheap, which I have often, I headed to the local pawn shop and picked up a handy little point and shoot variety for under $100. It worked like a charm and was my best bud for almost 3 years.

That little guy didn't survive my trip to Michigan. I don't know what happened, but it was on it's last leg before I left - running through batteries too quickly and looking like a wreck after a few years of abuse from me. (Note to self - be nicer to your new camera!)

So when I got back from vacation, I decided to try my luck and see what was at the pawn shop again. Now before you imagine some gritty place from a Law & Order episode - the pawn shop is decent, it's a big chain store and they have several in town. I've bought a microwave from there that has lasted 7 years!

So I went it and lucked out with the the Sony Cyber-shot that you see above. The camera looks brand new, had everything you need with it - battery, charger, memory card, cables, etc. For a few dollars more I was able to get 6 months of buyers protection. And the best part? I paid way less that 1/2 price for this find.

So if your budget is an issue and you need a new camera - don't be afraid to check out your local pawn shop - you might just find a treasure. (I don't know how it is for smaller cities, but here in SA pawn shops are required to check with the police for serial numbers of reported stolen items. It made me feel better to know that!) And a tip for shopping for used cameras - do your research - know the going retail prices of camera, know what kind of camera you are looking for, how many mega pixels you want, etc.

The test run!

Ohhh - I opened my etsy shop - I wimped out and couldn't stand to see it closed. Remember only limited editions are now there - everything else is available on my website.


Heather said...

So glad you are back, I hope you had a wonderful restoring vacation. Love the test run beads. Nice colors!! I am off to look at your Etsy shop! I am seeing your beads everywhere, most recently is the "Inspiring" exhibit. Loved Erin's creations.
We have Pawn shops on every corner here in Las Vegas. My husband has me addicted to the "Picking" show and we need to make some trips to these palaces of picks!!
I too worry about who may have had the item lost or stolen. Don't need any bad Karma. Glad you found a great camera- they are absolutely necessary.

Beatnheart said...

Good luck with that beautiful new camera...Hope you are all renewed from your vaca...

Pretty Things said...

Cool idea. I've got my eye on an SLR that is waaaaay cheaper than I'd expected. Maybe Santa....?

Courtney said...

Beautiful beads. A pawn shop had never occurred to me. Brilliant! thanks.