September 29, 2010

Earring Inspiration

I love making earrings! I can't believe how many different things you can do with the same basic bead shape.  The silver wire ones were inspired by projects in Denise Peck's 101 Wire Earrings.  Still one of my favorite books.

When I do shows I make up 5 or 6 different designs, like the ones shown, and do them in 4-5 different colors.  It's a quick and easy way to come up with a collection of earrings in a hurry.  Oh how I wish I had a craft show to do!  Well, I mean an artist's market because me and craft shows are not good buddies.  My customers shop were art is sold and not country crafts.  You can be at the busiest craft show in your city, but if you sell work that is more urban, artsy and targets a different market, you'll find you have very frustrating results.  In general if paintings are being sold at a show, I know it will be a good place for my work.

The earrings above feature my Branch Disk Beads.  Other great earring beads that I make include the new Willow Disk Beads, Petal Disk Beads and my handy tiny Spacer Beads.  You can also find an earring bead grab bag in my Etsy shop and save a little green.  The grab bag beads sets are ones I made up for Bead & Button and there are just too many to photograph individually.

Thanks for visiting today! 


Copper Diem said...

That's a great idea for making earrings up quick!

Patricia Wood said...

They are all so beautiful! Love them:)

Malin de Koning said...

Your rondelle beads are just so perfect for earrings. I have a few in pipeline.

TesoriTrovati said...

I am squeeing all over the place for these (that sounds decidedly gross, doesn't it?). Your earring styles make me want to do a happy dance. And now I know I have to have that book (can you believe I don't have it yet?). I just went on a marathon earring jag recently. I think I feel another one coming on. But I wish that I only had your beads to work with 'cause these are gorgeous!
Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE to make earrings, too! Some days it's just an earring day and I make up a gazillion.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Beautiful! I have a hard time making earrings, is that weird? I think it is because they are only a handful of beads and I want to use them all. I love your idea of making the same/similar earring in different colors.

Alice said...

Heather, your earrings are beautiful! I love makeing earrings on those days when I'm in a hurry but still have the desire to create, or I'm in a rut and can't come up with anything BUT earrings.

Your beads are so beautiful that you've enticed me into buying a grab bag just now.


Jen V. said...

I love a good earring groove!! One thing I've done before is go through my stash with a mini-muffin pan in hand...I pick out pairs of things and fill up the little cups. Then, I use a jellyroll pan lined with a beading mat and sit in front of the tv with all of it on my lap. It's a relaxing and rewarding little creative session! Plus, I love the challenge of coming up with neat designs from pairs of components and beads that I've had in my drawers for ages!

Have fun in earringville!

Dale said...

beautiful designs here! Those paddle earings are just to die for. lovely, lovely stuff thanks for sharing.