October 7, 2010

Brrr...baby it's so not cold outside

10 Random Facts about Me & the Holidays

1. I start day dreaming about the holidays in October. 

2. I like to keep a Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book, old issues of Martha Stewart and Home Companion on the table and look through them during lunch.

3. Favorite holiday movies: The Christmas Story, The Snowman and Die Hard.

4. We decorate our tree in a different handmade theme each year.

5. My husband gets as excited about the decorating as I do.

6. I have a holiday craft book for kids in the works, as soon as I finish my current book I will start the submission process.

7. I probably wouldn't be so crazy about Christmas if I still lived at home - I think it's my way of dealing with being homesick during that time of year.

8.  I love snow - until January 15th and then I'm stinkin' happy that I live in Texas and enjoy 50 degrees in January.

9. I try to be non-commercial with gift-giving for the holidays - everything is handmade, art supplies or books.

10. I have an impressive collection of skinny and light-weight scarves so I can pretend it's chilly outside when I accessorize in October and November!

(So is there a limit on how many photo collages blog readers will tolerate?  They are just so much fun, thanks Lorelei!)

Yes, I rolled out the holiday themed beads today. 
I know you guys are already working on gifts and getting ready for shows!
Don't forget to visit the Art Bead Scene today for some Holiday Boot Camp tips.


TesoriTrovati said...

No, there is no limit on collages! I love this one that looks like snapshots. Have to try that! I like collages because then I can just post one picture instead of a dozen. Makes for a better reader experience. I have three on my post right now about the Hot Glass Roadshow.

Here are my 10 things:
1. I love to decorate but hate taking it down.
2. Always a real tree. Until last year when we bought the best damn looking fake tree. Now I use balsam-scented Wallflowers.
3. I agree complete on your choice of movies. I would add National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
4. Santa always brings something handmade. But that is getting harder...
5. I made our stockings from felt. Each has a different snowman on them. Totally cute and Martha Stewart would be proud.
6. I used to make an ornament for close friends and family each year. Now, not so much.
7. We stopped gifting to the adults. Now we spend that money on groceries for a food pantry.
8. But that doesn't stop my dad from buying gifts. He is somehow exempt ;-)
9. A white christmas is nice, but I agree that it needs to stop by January 15th. Unfortunately, it is not over until May usually.
10. I used to put out my extensive collection of snowmen. But I like that you offer them smaller to wear instead of display!

Enjoy the day!

SummersStudio said...

I'm with you on many of your holiday sentiments, including Die Hard movies! One of the things I miss most living in TX as opposed to the north is the splendid fall foliage display. But like you, I love that we never, ever get sub zero wind chill and truly miserable winter weather. I can't really say I'm on top of my holiday stuff. So, I think I'll take a page out of your book and get hopping for my mid November show.

Suz said...

Really beautiful collage. You can do as many as you want. I enjoy them a lot. This one is really striking in its blue winteriness!

Great pieces as well!


Becky said...


Love the new items with our toggle pendants. Great post ... if you want to wear scarves year round you could visit us in the Northwest.