August 26, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

So what is Pinterest and why should you be interested?

From their website, "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests."

Basically you get an account - if you can have a friend invite you, you can get an account within minutes, if you sign up on their website without a referral it can take several weeks.  I would ask on your facebook page for an invite, chances are you already know a few people who pin.

After you have your account you can download a "Pin It" button for your browser toolbar.  Whenever you come across something you'd like to pin, you just press the button and add in your description and category.  This is a great way to bookmark tutorials, things you'd like to buy later or inspiration photos.  Each photo that you pin will include a link back to that page. 

On your account you'll create 'boards' which are basically categories to arrange your pins.

Pinned a scarf I bought in my Style Pinboard.

On Pinterest you can connect using your facebook account and find friends already on Pinterest.  It's really fun to follow your friends, you'll get to know them in a whole new way.  You can also follow people you don't know if you find their boards inspiring.  There is a simple 'follow' button and their pins will go to your Pinterest Feed, which is the page that you'll go to when you first log into the website. 

You can also search pins under the "Everything" button for a quick dose of inspiration.  You can search a specific topic, like jewelry organizers or search under their categories to see has been pinned under a topic. 

So is this a marketing tool?  I can't really say, it's not a self-promotional tool.  You can post things that you have made, but that should only be a small part of your Pinterest activity.  I have a Humblebeads in Action board that I post my beads used in jewelry by my customers and some of my tutorials or samples that I blogged about.
Pinned my blog post on vintage lucite beads on my Beads Pinboard.

If you have a very helpful blog post, you could also pin that - make sure you have some really striking visuals in your post to use for the pin. 

It's also an organic way for other creative bloggers to find you.  You'll discover new blogs through Pinterest and meet new bloggers when checking things out. 

Pin-Etiquette: Be a good pinner and don't spam everyone with only pins of your work, repin other peoples pins (there is a repin on every photo on Pinterest) leave nice comments and like pins from those you are following. 

Pinned a salt water taffy recipe to make for holiday gifts in my Treats Pinboard.

So what exactly can I do with this besides pin pretty pictures?  Well, here are some ideas of ways you can use Pinterest:

Inspiration Boards - Create boards on themed topics to inspire new ideas.  This is also great if you are looking for inspiration for blog posts. 

Visual Bookmarking - Keep track of great tutorials and websites visually by Pinning them instead of creating bookmarks in the browser's favorites.

Vision Boards - Make a board of something you'd like to achieve - include photos that spur on your creativity and drive.  There are tons of visual quotes pinned by others. 

Party Planner & Recipe Finder - Collect party ideas and recipes for entertaining - there is a A LOT of this on Pinterest.  You may find yourself wanting to throw parties just to use the ideas.

Gift Guide - Keep track of gift ideas visually - you can add the price to the description and there is a gift section to browse through.  Hello early holiday shopping made easy.
Style Guide - I love pinning outfits, hairstyles and accessories that I'd like to get later or try out.

Trend Watcher - Scroll the the "everything" category a few times a week and you'll see what is trending at the moment - like ruffles!  Scroll through the Apparel and Fashion Categories to see what is trending in these areas - like popular colors and jewelry styles.

New Blog Hunter - You'll discover all sorts of new blogs by clicking through on the images, many of them were from blog posts be all sorts of creative people you have yet to discover. 

Social Network - Share inspirations, repin and comment to connect with others on Pinterset. 

Summer decorating idea pinned in my For the Home Pinboard.

So is it just a waste of time?  It can be - be warned!!!  But I think if you are purposefully pinning and make a point to use those recipes, crafts and inspirations then it's time well spent.  For example, we've enjoyed this sandwhich all summer thanks to Pinterest.  Once we are settled into our new house I will be revisiting my pins for decorating ideas.

I can't wait to see what is pinned as the holiday's approach.  I'm always on the look out for crafts and recipes to try and I know Pinterest will not disappoint. 

Here are my Boards.

Okay, that's my all I have to say about that...(yes, in a Forest Gump accent.)

Check out this video for a quick tutorial.


SummersStudio said...

Heather, this is great! I've wondered about Pinterest ever since I saw Lori at Waterstone using it. I love this idea, especially since most of how I remember things is visual. That sandwhich looks fabulous! Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

Alice said...

Hmmm, I just asked for an invite, not knowing it could take weeks. Ah well, I probably don't have the time right now to spend browsing this lovely site.

Thanks so much for the pointers!

I sent you a convo on your etsy site.

Spirited Earth said...

thanks for sharing this..i love your pins

Cillaw said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge again! I am still loving Picik thanks to something new..

Cece said...

Thanks for this post. It looks very interesting. Might just need to check into further.

Heather Wynn Millican said...

I am loving Pinterest!! And I love to see all of your pins, Heather :)
It is such a wonderful way to share among creative minds. I have never wanted to redecorate my home, bake tasty treats, and start so many crafty projects all at once before!! I am overflowing with ideas. LOVE it!

Maneki said...

I love Pinterest too! I signed up and then I just got hooked. Love browsing all the photos and be inspired by different boards I follow.

Only downside is I can get too absorbed and spend hours looking at others' boards and pinning things to my own ones. But isn't that the case with all types of social media and interactive websites anyway? Well, it's worth it.

ShinyAdornments said...

I like pinterest a lot too, although I'm still trying to figure out how to really utilize it.

Great post! Wish I would have read this a couple of weeks ago.


ShinyAdornments Handmade Jewelry

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you Heather for the comprehensive information.
-Eva Maria

Jessiv said...

Pinterest is amazing. So much inspiration. It's still a little hard for me to separate real life friends from people I'm following out of interest. I just got invited to a new fashion site that is for real life friends. It's called StyleSays. Let me know if you want an invite. It seems they are only opening the site to a limited number of people.

Cassy said...

I highly appreciate your sharing as to what is Pinterest all about.

Cassy from Electric Bass Guitar

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

these pics are just wonderful i love them a lot