August 20, 2011

A showcase of beady awesomeness!

Do you remember a few weeks ago I mentioned auctioning off some large grab bags on my blog?  I decided while that would have been fun only three people would have walked away with beads and that didn't seem fair.  So I decided to spread the beady happiness around a little and broke them down into smaller grab bags.

And let me tell you - they are AWESOME!  So awesome I had to give them that crazy title.

These are not seconds, in fact some of them are treasures that I've been hording and realized it's time to let them go.  I know someone will put them to better use then being nestled away in my studio.  So let's look at what I put together.

Is it treasure you seek? Good thing you came here to take a peek!

The "Unearthed Treasures" grab bags have earthy colors with some very unique beads. These sets have at least 6 beads, some many more. A few sets include my very limited edition William Morris series, pictured here.   

Feeling blue? This is the grab bag for you! 

The "Chase the Blues Away" grab bag has all sorts of blue hued beauties.  Some include birds and eggs, one set has some of my tiny snowman and there are lots of beach inspired bead sets in this collections.  Each set has 5 or more beads.

Do you feel pretty in pink? Grab this bag before you click another link!

The "In the Pink grab" bags are so very lovely.  Some of them are woodsy inspired with brown and pink combinations.  Others head more towards the darker red hues.  They all have great beads, many were one-of-kinds, like these never before seen pink willow pendants and charms.

I have over 20 grab bags up for taking - you'll save at least $15 on each set.  If you order more than one grab bag I will send you a little Beady Bird charm - colors vary.

I have TONS, let me say TONS of beads in stock and you can find those  in my shop and I will be shipping before and after my move. 

Most of our packing is done now.  I just have lots of 'business' to wrap up before I leave.

The move is actually the easiest part of this process, I have my portable studio all ready to go in my suitcase (okay, maybe two suitcases.) And the girls and I are flying to Michigan, so I have one day of travel.  I can handle that.   And I will hit the ground running, I have events almost every weekend in September!

I very much appreciate your bead buying support during this time! 

I am so thankful for each and every one of my Humblebeads fans.  You have no idea.  And not just for the financial support, but thank you for all your well wishes during this season in my life.  I have appreciated the emails and messages of encouragement on facebook.  It's so wonderful to be part of such a caring community.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


char said...

Wishing you the best of luck and much happiness in your new home. Sounds like your life will be extremely busy from now and all through September. Remember to take care of yourself and get some rest, and have a lot of fun in the process. Best Wishes

Birgitta Lejonklou said...

weeeee , those beads are all awesome !! and I wish You a swift shifting of house and all! guess You get rid of that hot weather too :)

Marie Cramp said...

Awesome beads!! Good luck with the move, I hope everything goes without a hitch!