April 17, 2012

Daffodils and a Daffy Girl

New work heading to Stony Creek Beads with me this weekend.

Current Mental Distractions:
Bead Cruise registration is opening this weekend.  How did I pull that off!

Trunk Show & book signing on Saturday.

Spending the weekend with my favorite Beady Auntie.

Dr. appointment tomorrow. The knee is healing - just keep me away from treadmills.
(Don't ask, but I had a serious Lucille Ball moment and a limp once again.)

Making more beads tonight - going to play with some new ideas.

I need to squeeze in a blog tour for my book, something I have yet to do - what's up with that? 
(Yes, in a Seinfeld voice!)

Seriously thinking about getting a booth at Bead Fest this year.

Bead & Button is looming.  Looming....LOOMING.

And then there is my email box - can I hire someone to answer my emails?

Jess: he is so cute when he is rolling beads, packing up your orders or making us dinner.
What I do without him!

Current Obsessions:
Gotye (love this song

eBooks (thanks to a gifted Kindle Fire)

Sari ribbons

Watercolors & children's book illustrations

Paintings of France by Maurice Utrillo

Swimming at the Y

Yep, that's my life at the moment. 
Throw in two teenage girls and my family into the mix and that's my whole world right now!


Kathleen Lange Klik said...

A booth at Bead Fest is a brilliant idea! :)

Hope you get time to relax during your busy schedule.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Phew,I'm tired just reading all of that!! Escape into the closet...thats what I do...my youngest one still finds me..heehee.xoxo

TesoriTrovati said...

It all sounds marvelous! I am going to check out the Bead Cruise, as I do each year, we shall see.... As for Bead Fest I think you would clean up there! Someday maybe I will do a show like that. I would need to get some serious ducks in a row to do that! But I have never been to Philly... that could be fun! You are so lucky to have Jess. I have the kids and the fact that my husband will make dinner, but he would never soften clay or package things. It is just me in the dungeon. Give Jess and those girls and that favorite beady aunt a squeeze or a high five from me for keeping you afloat!
Enjoy the day!