June 22, 2008

LOST - on bead island

Has our bead-making heroine been buried alive on Bead Island? Rumors are running rampant since she disappeared earlier this week. (Yes, that's one day's worth of shipments!)

She sent this cryptic message, "Winner...#4....Jennifer Stumpf...Tiger Lily Bead...end transmission." Number 4? Could this be the secret number to escape off Bead Island?

Or just the winner of this week's Bead Star giveaway? Thanks to everyone who voted! (Jen, your bead will be arriving shortly!)

Back to Bead Island...there are Others on this island...are they friend or foe?
With a name like Bird of Paradise, I think we'll consider them friendly. They just joined the growing flock of Humblebeads Birds in the Etsy shop.

Is this the hatch to a underground bunker or one of Heather's crazy schemes to adorn the world in unique and unusual bead components?

And what about vegetation on the island, is Heather surviving off coconuts and bananas? Or are there only wild flowers growing in strange and brilliant colors on Bead Island?

Hey, is that a chocolate bar in your backpack? Are you eating chocolate while stranded on Bead Island???

Okay, this island is pretty tame. Beads may be spilling over the tables, jewelry flung from one end to the other while magazine projects are being finished, children may be running like wild natives and the kitchen may seem like it's filled with survival provisions, but it's no where near as strange as my favorite island. Seriously how long until Lost is back on the air? I have way too many questions for my beloved TV show and a whole season to wonder what the heck happened! (I'm going through seriously withdrawals!)


White Hot Magik said...

Fun post. The beads are awesome!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

oh I'm thrilled!! thank you heather!! :) now that's a nice way to start a sunday!

No Easy Beads said...

Heather I love the new beads. I was looking at your etsy shop this morning. I don't know how you do it..you are such a inspiration to us all.

LLYYNN said...

Funny, you are so clever, Heather. That stack of shipments is inspiring but don't have an avalanche! Congrats, that means you are sending many lovely beads to many happy bead needing folks.

Love the bird's head pendant, the colors are lucious and the textures are just right.

Beautiful! Thanks for the peek!

kate tracton said...

Hi Heather,

I just found your etsy shop(I have a shop there too ktracton.etsy.com), and I love, love, love your beads. Beautiful! I hearted you so I can find you when I need new inspirational pieces in my stash.

I have a blog too, and would love a visit sometime.