January 9, 2009

Give me color!

Winter is getting to me. First the grey and snow of Michigan - the novelty wore off a little too quickly this year and now the brown on brown tone of dried out San Antonio. No one has green grass, the trees are bare and where are my beautiful Texas-size blue skies?

So I'm in serious need of a shot of color. I heard on the news yesterday that if you have the winter blues, bright light and surprisingly, bright colors will help improve your mood. I hope this post will add a little cheer to your day.

First, the photo above are pigments from a market in India. (photo credit: acdme) You can see more photos from the Indian Markets and my write up on Spring color trends on the Art Bead Scene.

I am one lucky girl. My dear Rosanne of Fabfibers is going to make me an Amy Butler bag using these fabrics. Yummy, right? (She has 6 weeks, no pressure.)

I must splurge soon on these shoes from Keen via Zappos. Perfect color of spicy orange, not too bright, but still orange. And won't they be practical for all my running around and sight-seeing on the Bead Cruise?

And the splurge that is more in-line with my post holiday travel budget, these luscious little berry color buri beads from Terrestrial. Can't wait to make something with these.

And speaking of making things, I finished 3 more samples for my book. I'm now at 14. I'd like to have at least 25. So I'm getting there! I have another one on the bead table that is waiting for assembly today. And a pile for designs that I have sketched out and await for my spare moments!

What do you look for in a bead book? New techniques? Designs to inspire? For me, a good bead book shows new tricks to add to my bag of jewelry-making techniques and inspires me to create something that is my own. I don't think I've ever copied a project directly from a book. What would you like to see in a book from me? This isn't a beadmaking book, I know there are quite a few that would love that, but I'm not ready for that adventure yet!


AJ said...

I want a bead book to have new-to-me techniques, or a new and exciting way to use a technique I already know -- something I never would have thought of on my own, and seems so brilliant when I see it in print.

I pretty much only buy books on beadweaving, since that's what really excites and inspires me. Are you going to have any woven projects in your book?

Lorelei said...

I love beading books. I have a ton! I think I like a bead book that helps me think "outside the box". Non-typical designs that are eye catching and colorful! I also like a book that has many different designs in it. Are you going to be doing all the designs for your book? I'm free if you need a designer. hint hint. ;)

Joy said...

I look for bead books that have new color combos, or mixed mediums that I wouldn't have thought of. I also like process pictures or illustrations, since I learn visually more than I learn by reading patterns.

Fab Fibers said...

Love all those colors! Pressure?
I live on pressure! Material's on its way and I'll have that bag whipped up in no time, plus two more. I am so looking forward to
the cruise. I need sunshine and blue skies too.

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

No book comments, sorry! But I just had to say that the Amy Butler fabric is awesome! Make sure a picture of that bag gets posted in 6 weeks!