January 21, 2009

Rings & Things

Here is a detail from my Bead Soup necklace. I was inspired to make this charm after flipping through the new Rings & Things catalog. I bought Jess a set of letter stamps from Evie's Tool Emporium early this year and decided to pull them out and give stamping on brass a try. The brass is Vintaj from Bello Modo.

And speaking of the new Rings & Things catalog, whoever is in charge of putting it together this year should get a raise! I get their catalog every year and I was always like, huh, there it is, same as last year. But not this year Mon Cher, it's packed with good information about materials, tips on how to use products and best of all, tons of inspiring projects that you can download on their website. I looked through the catalog this year and thought, "Yeah, I need to order from Rings & Things!" It made me wish I could make a Humblebeads catalog. Uh-huh, yup, when my imaginary millionaire silent-partner finally makes my dreams come true.

This is my favorite project, a Sweet Pea pendant from Mollie Valente. You can see more project ideas in the Rings & Things design gallery.


Fab Fibers said...

I was impressed with the catalog this year too. It did have all kinds of informationand a lot of how toos. The jewelry entries were excellent too. I would like stamps too, lucky Jess.

SueBeads said...

OOOh, I got mine today too - I have only had time to flip through it but it's gonna be fun! I love your necklace detail, too!

Lorelei said...

Is this a catalog one must purchase?
How fun would that be, to design projects just for the catalogue!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Heather, thanks for your compliments on our new catalog. We're excited about it! I've already passed along your comments to Cindy, Polly and Amy who did most of the catalog work...and to Mollie for her pendant design.

Fab Fibers and SueBeads, thanks to you too.

Lorelei, you can get Rings & Things' catalog for $5 (comes with a separate free charms catalog)...or just place an order via our online store, and get the catalog for free! :)

at Rings & Things

Russ Nobbs said...

Thanks for your kind comments on the Rings & Things catalog. We've published our catalog for years using staid "Desktop Publishing" software Ventura and Corell Draw. We finally switched from Ventura to In Design.
Thanks for noticing the difference!
BTW, we have even more design ideas in our free online gallery. Click on the Design Gallery link at our home page. Or copy this link; http://www.rings-things.com/gallery/index.html

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Thank you for the shout out!
Michelle @ Evie's Tool Emporium