January 10, 2009

Slaying Dragons

Today has been a busy day of working on samples for my book. One of the reasons I'm telling everyone that I'm working on a book is because about now is where I start to talk myself out of projects. And why I haven't written a book sooner, even though I have wanted to for 3 years now.

Self-doubt creeps in: is my work good enough, are these really original ideas, what is the focus of my book, does this even look like my work, do I really know what I'm doing, do I have enough different samples or is everything too earthy, do my designs really stand out above the crowd, what the heck am I going to title this book?

All really good questions and ones that I should be asking. One thing you have to do when you write a book proposal is convince the publisher why your book is better than the rest out there. So I am busy slaying dragons of self-doubt today. Forging ahead. Maybe some of these samples won't make the cut. But instead of freezing up it's time to push through and work harder on creating something that is unique, has my hand to it and that will inspire others to enjoy their own creativity. I can do that!

Whatever your dragon is today, I hope you find the courage to slay it.


Kara said...

I think my dragons must know your dragons! Although I'm not writing a book, I very much understand pushing through the self-doubt.
My two cents: your work _is_ very different and some of the best of what's out there. Your samples will be true to your style, your "brand" if you will, because they are created by you!
Good luck with this project and keep us posted!

Joan Tucker said...

Heather, put all the energy you are putting into doubt into your delightful work.. the dragons will become your friends.Joan T Off Center

No Easy Beads said...

Heather you are a mighty dragon slayer. What I have seen so far will dazzle those looking for inspiration and will spark creativity in those who seem them.
Go forward and conquer those doubts.

Fab Fibers said...

I have no doubt that you can put together a great book...we weren't drooling over the pieces for the fun of it this Christmas. Keep forging ahead I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

It's ok to have doubts-- in fact, normal. We live in a world where it seems the name of the game is bigger, better, more outrageous, etc. So allow the doubts, stay true to your vision and keep on working!

Carol Dean said...

Dragons be damned! You can do it, Heather! Your book will be as amazing as your other creations :D

Stormee said...

Please visit my blog, I just gave you an award. Enjoy:}

Erin said...

Heather, you create from the heart. That is all you need to do. Believe in yourself!