March 16, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - Really?

How can it be Wednesday!  Not only is it already mid-week, it's also mid-March! I have been in a daze all month.  Too many things to deal with, too many deadlines and not enough time to breathe!  Holy stressers Bead Girl, get it together!

Okay, well it is Bead Table Wednesday and that is my favorite day of the week. I love seeing what you guys are up to and have discovered lots of new talent over in the BTW Flickr group.

On my desk today: starfish - some are for the gift bags on the cruise and some are for orders and some are just extras.  I'm so feeling the tropical island vibe at the moment.  I want to be on that ship already!

And this is a little peek at what Melanie sent to me for her Earthenwood Design Team series.  I can't wait to make something with these.  But time is too short at the moment, so they will be packed away and heading on the cruise with me.  I will work my magic with them while I'm sailing on the high seas.  These crackle glaze components are so cool.  I love the egg/teardrop charm.  I see some birds and wire nests in my future!

Of course I'm only showing snippets of the tables today - oh the shame of this messy room!  So share whatever is on your bead table, whether it's messy or neat - the whole panorama or an artsy detail.  Check out the BTW photos this week for a quick dash of inspiration.

Okay, it's back to the Bead Cave for me.  Happy Creating!


My Life Under the Bus said...

I agree - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE FIRST PART OF MARCH????? I feel like I am running around like a headless chicken. I posted my defrosted bead table mess - I won't even post the room that has been basically boarded up all winter!

Spring help us all!!!

quickcer said...

I too have a very messy desk and I can't believe how fast time is going by. I'm retired and don't have a 9-5 work schedule anymore, but I still can't find time to bead. Heather, I am working on a necklace using your new Spring birdie pendant(so cute!). If I can finish it by Mother's Day, my Mom will love it. Here's hoping.

Elaine said...

Same feeling here - where did March go? What do you MEAN Wednesday is already here? Sheesh.

Now, to go find pictures of beads on the table. They're there under the stuff.


Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Have fun on the cruise!! Work some beady magic, girl!

jamberry_song said...

Love the starfish! So nice and tropical; they make me feel warm on this chilly, rainy spring day. :)

Diana P. said...

Oh I just want to dive into that pile of starfish beads!

Linda Landig said...

I love the starfish! Wish I could join you for that cruise. Have tons of beady fun!

somethingunique said...

Hello Heather, Melanie's components
are so beautiful can't wait to see what you come up with,i'm sure your creativity will flourish on the cruise with all that fresh air creative spirit, wish i could be there.ttfn L :)

Allen Broad said...

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