March 1, 2011

Get in Gear Earrings - Free Project

I created these earrings using some of Jesse's new beads.  To show them off, I put them on a backdrop of brass bezels. 

10 4x2mm peanut beads
2 brass kidney wire earrings
2 2" brass ball headpins

Tools: metal punch, round nose and needle nose pliers.

(Click on the image to see it larger)

1. Punch a hole through the center of the bezel with a metal punch.
2. String the headpin through the charm with ball facing the front, string the bezel on the headpin.  Bend the headpin at a 45 degree angle.
3. Create a loop at top of the bezel and wrap the rest of the wire around the loop of the bezel.
4. Put the bezel on the loop of the earwire.  Use the needle nose pliers to close the top of the loop on the earwire. Open the earwire and string on 5 peanut bead beads. 

I would put a little drop of beader's glue on the last seed bead to make sure it doesn't slide of the wires.


somethingunique said...

Hi Heather,a very cute & origanal idea.

Ashleigh Becker said...

You guys are so talented. It's amazing! Together you are going to create such awesome things!!

Rebecca said...

Love Jesse's beads! You're a talented pair.

rosebud101 said...

Thank you for the tutorial! It's great!

SummersStudio said...

Go, Jess! The color and design of those beads is gorgeous and the earing design is fab.

Marian Hertzog said...

I think it is cool that you are working together. Love the earrings!

Lupe Meter said...

Love these earrings! I have a few brass bezels that I haven't used...great idea!

Alice said...

How clever! I love these earrings!