March 12, 2011

Polymer Pizzazz 2 Giveaway

I don't give much info on this blog about polymer clay, because my focus is on inspiring jewelry designers and all things beady.  But I do know that there are polymer folks who visit the blog, just because they love all things polymer.  And who wouldn't? Polymer clay is like the most awesome stuff on the planet. 

So to make it up to you polymer peeps, I'm having a giveaway just for you this week.  First, one lucky winner will get these 4 texture sheets that I love using.  There is a linen texture, faux bark, stripes and dots.  So much fun to press in the clay and paint over to show off the texture.  This set comes from a blinds sample book that Jess brought home from an interior designer's office.  He is good at collecting weird random things that turn out to be genius.  The four sheets measure about 2 1/2" square. 

The second part of the prize is an advanced copy of Polymer Pizzazz 2, which will be out in April!!!  Yes, you can win it here first.  It has 25 eclectic projects from notable polymer clay artists like Pam Wynn, Barbara McGuire, Lisa Pavelka and Christi Friesen - to name a few.  The projects range from whimsical to modern.  There is an interesting mixed media section that you'll have to check out. 

Okay, so you do have to work for this prize.  Share the title of your favorite polymer clay book and one online polymer clay resource.  Folks are always emailing me asking for that and I never have a good answer for them. 

I'll pick a winner on Friday, March 18th.

P.S. Online resources - Sorry for the confusion!  I didn't mean material sources, but your favorite online resources for tutorials, lessons, videos, inspiration, etc.


somethingunique said...

Hi Heather, wow i think this givea way has my name written all over it. i have a whole station set up in my studio just for poly clay. i started out with the mini foods i had a customer at Christmas wanted cupcake jewelry, i like to make my jewelry completly handcrafted and since i don't lamp work yet i desided to make them with poly clay of course i headed to michael's they had the clay on sale so i bought every color and different types my daughter bought me the pasta machine and toaster oven. they turned out so cute. since then i have made some word pendants and a few other things. just after Xmas i had a fall and fractured my ribs so i havn't really played with it for a while the books i have are "The Poly Clay Cookbook" by Jessica & Susan Partain & "Clay so Cute" by Sherri Haab i also purchace all of the tutorials that River Valley Designs had on Etsy. the has a lot of info but it is a lot of reading and so far i have only purchaced supplies at michael's i even tried to make some of my own molds with the mold maker it's like a 2 part putty u mix and press what you want to mold it dries in like 10 min it's pretty cool. anyway this went on alot longer than i wanted "sorry" but i would so excited to win so count me in. p.s. Thanks for the pendant i won can't wait to see it have a great evening ttfn Lana

TesoriTrovati said...

I am new to polymer clay, my best resource being you, Miss Heather! But I am loving what I am able to do with it! And now that I am in this class with Stephanie Lee I am sure that I can make my own compoents to incorporate my polymer clay pieces in!

I did take out Lisa Pavelka's newest book "The Complete Book of Polymer Clay" along with others. I found this to be the best one I found locally and I would consider buying it. I don't have a polymer clay resource. I will watch to see what others mention!
Enjoy the day!

Claire Maunsell said...

Polymer clay books are great jumping off points for your own creative path. My favourites in the past have been 'Creating with polymer clay' by Steven Ford and Leslie Dierks. It was published in 1996 and you may know the wonderful work of Ford and Forlano. It has some amazing work in it and it was THE book for me for getting me started. Also Carol Blackburn's book "How to make Polymer Beads' Great jumping off point! Also Grant difendaffer's book is fascinating because he has such a different take on polymer.
A new book of polymer masterworks just came out, it is supposed to be fantastic! - check this link.
For online resources checkout this site... is everything you can imagine aobut polymer on this site. I have many more (including the Lark 500 series, which ,while not strictly polymer, are very inspiring.
Thanks for letting me rant on about my favourite topic....

Doreen said...

This is right up my alley! Polymer clay always call me back no matter what other arty things I may be up to! I'm with you as far a a current favorite book being Ancient Modern by Ronna Sarvas Weltman. I adore the organic qualities of the pieces in that book! I also really like all the DVD's by Karen Lewis (KLEW) on making polymer clay canes and beads. I have had them forever and still find them useful. I like to go back and watch them on occasion. I always learn some new little useful technique whenever I watch Karen do her magic. As far as polymer clay resources, mostly I just buy what I need wherever I can find the best price at the time I need it. I use Kato Polyclay which I usually buy online from Prairie Craft Company.

Its All About Creating said...

Donna Kato's "The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques" is my favorite. I like Polymer Express for clay and order findings through Rio Grande and Fire Mountain Gems. I'm crossing my fingers....would love to win. Good luck to everyone! -Marlene (email: arteveryday(at)msn(dot)com)

anuka said...

what a wonderful giveaway, I hope it is international ;)

we don't have many books about polyclay published here in Lithuania... I saw just one actually - Emma Ralph's "Polymer clay. 17 easy projects" (if I am translating it correctly). I went through it in a book store, bus I didn't like it - I need something more difficult, more creative than that. I'm following for inspiration - if I feel, that my Muses left me, I go there and take the deep breath of inspiration. Your beads and pendants are really wonderful and inspiring, I love all the textures and was preparing to make some by myself, but these texture sheets, that You're offering, simply blew me away - wonderful!!!

thank You for this wonderful opportunity to win, count me in, please :)

alina.leminskaite (at)

Rossana said...

Hi Heather! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
My favourite polymer clay books are:

Donna Kato - The Art of Polymer Clay - Creative Surface effects


Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio - Polymer clay color inspirations

I follow Polymer Clay Daily!

Kisses from Italy! Rossana

flyingbeader said...

Polymer Clay Jewelry by Debbie Jackson...because she lives here in Columbus, I get to see her work at conferences here & I was lucky to booth sit for her at Winter Fair & she gave me a great set of earrings!

And I love Clay Alley. Besides Poly clay stuff they have great eyeballs. I use them for my dolls & critters I create.


Spirited Earth said...

Heather this is a wonderful giveaway..having played around with polymer clay from time to time ,i would like to learn more.
i love Steven Ford's work and liked his book 'Creating with polymer clay' and also the book by Lisa Pavelka had good info.
.. both Michael's and Hobby Lobby are in my area along with texas art supply so i've not needed to order online..yet

Heather said...

Hi Heather, you already know that we share a love for polymer clay. My favorite online source of info is the Polymer Clay Daily Newsletter which comes everyday with links and pictures of polymer clay artists all over the world. I can't narrow down a favorite book but here are the two that inspire me the most:
1-Polymer Clay Art by Celie Fago, Ellen Marshall, LiviaMcRee, Georgia Sargeant and Dinko Tilov, published by Quarry Books. I especially love the section on surface design techniques.
2-400 Polymer Clay Designs- a Collection fo Dynamic & Colorful Contemporary Work, published by Lark Books. This one is chock full of beautiful photos of a gazillion clay artists- super eye candy.
My polymer clay book library is small but treasured so it would benefit immensely by your giveaway. LOL
PS Love that bunny bead in your Spring Beads picture!! I have a soft spot for the bunnies and sheep that visit this time of year.
Have a great time on your Bead Cruise wish I could be there.

Knightwork Studio said...

I am a big fan of Donna Kato's books and a couple of my favorite oldies but goodies are "Polymer Clay Beads" by Carol Blackburn and "Polymer Clay Creative Traditions" by Judy Belcher.

Polymer Clay Central is my all time favorite online resource.

The blog's that I find most helpful are Marie Segal's "Art from my heart", Carolyn Good's "2 Good Claymates" and Alice Stroppel's "Polymer Clay Etc." All are talented artists who are generous with their knowledge.

I also look forward to the daily newsletter from Polymer Clay Daily.

helenejg said...

I never met a polymer clay book I didn't like--make that love. My first book was The Art of Polymer Clay by Donna Kato. Now I have all three of her books and about 25 others by differnt authors. However, Polymer Clay Surface Design Recipes by Ellen Marshall was the book that opened my eyes to the fact that altering the polymer clay didn't make the resulting art any less authentic. Up until then I had been a bit of a purist. My online favorite tutorial resource is Parole de pate. I could spend all day there.

I have loved your work, Heather, since back when you were sending out a newsletter, and have watched your work evolve. You are a great inspiration to me.


My Life Under the Bus said...

Ack!!! I am very new to poly clay but LOVE to play with it - I haven't gotten to the point I think anything is usable yet - it has a larger learning curve then you think!

I don't have standard polyclay books but have been inspired with ideas from

Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton
The Art of Metal Clay by Sherri Haab

There is also a magazine I have picked up on occasion but I can't recall the name of it! eek!!!

I got some awesome inspiration from both books that are easily translated to polyclay.

Of course I am inspired by your lovely beads!!!

*crosses fingers and waits* : )

Happy Sunday - Patty

Norma's Clay said...

I have many books. It's hard to pick just one. I'll say one of the best in techniques is Donna Kato's "The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques" and about color: "Polymer Clay Color Inspirations" by Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani. The best source of inspiration Polymer Clay Daily.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

This couldn't have come at a better time. I got a polymer clay set forChristmas and I am afraid to use it because I don't want to mess it up. I have been told to check out Lisa Pavelka's book The Complete Book of Polymer Clay but money is tight and our library is in the worst section of town so I hope I win this. As for online resources because I am new I can only say I have been looking at Polymer Clay Central as a possible place to order from but haven't yet.
Shannon C

Fire Phoenix said...

I've been faffing about with polymer clay for a couple of months now, but am always on the look out for resources to improve.

My favourite book is 'How to make polymer clay beads' by Carol Blackburn. I know its a very newbie book, but I've found it invaluable.

I can't decide which is my favourite online resource! It's a toss up between EJR beads ( and the Polymer Clay Pit ( which both have cool and fresh tutorials (that are quite easy too!)

Genesis said...

I just found you thru the Beading Daily Week in Review, and excitely have added to favourites.
I admit to being a polymer clay lurker! I love the stuff, have all kinds ideas, but sadly have played very little with it. I have Donna Kato's Art of Polymer Clay, and have watched her DVD's. Just before Christmas I found Lisa Pavelka's line of polymer clay toys at Micheals, and was reinspired again. It would be her website that has been my latest go to for inspiration.
Having just taken a leap of faith into the creative world to support myself, I welcome and am constantly inspired by people such as yourself-the "creative veterans".

Sharon P said...

I still love poly clay although I have ventured far from it, with my silversmithing and setting stones of late.

My fave poly book is Ancient Modern by Ronna Sarvas Weltman.The organic nature of her creations appeals to me. great giveaway!

Arlene Harrison said...

After 20 plus years as a decorative painter, I discovered polymer clay and the rest is history. I still paint a tiny bit but my primary focus is polymer clay. My favorite books are Carol Blackburn's bead book (I'm at work now so I don't have it handy) and Donna Kato's book that has been mentioned The Art of Polymer Clay. Both are good reference books and as somebody else said, a good stepping-off point. I would be delighted to win either prize, however my definite preference would be the book since I have fallen in love the with bracelet on the cover!

Marie Cramp said...

Wonderful Giveaway!
I would love to say that I have a favorite Polymer book, but as close as I have gotten is the book by Cynthia Thornton "Enchanted Adornments" It has some Polymer clay in it and that is as much as I know!

My favorite place for tutorials and such would be YouTube. It's free and you have so much to choose from!

Thanks for the chance to win!!


earthlyjewels said...

I'm new to the clay world...polymer, porcelain, stone and earthen clay...I'm still learning so, I don't have a book.

But I do love doing searches online...especially video tutorials on youtube!

Oh wouldn't it be perfect to win!!! Fingers crossed....

Thanks for the chance...
Penny of EarthlyJewels


Liz said...

Hi Heather
I have been a polymer geek for almost 8 years now. Am a member of the NWPCG. My favourite polymer books (I really get alot out of ALL of them ) are: Polymer clay Inspirations by Patricia Kimle; The Art of Polymer Jewelry by Katherine Duncan Aimone and Donna Katos books. I also love the color inspirations of Lindly and Maggie :-). Over the years for the most information I do go to glass attic and polymerclaydaily and other Polymer clay guild members. Polymer clay guild meetings and retreats are a great way to get demos and learn. I have just started to read the ArtBeadScene blog and it led me to get the WireStyle2 which gives great projects for my polymer clay beads and pendants !!! THanks so much for doing this great give away !!! happy clay daze ahead..

JuLee said...

There are a great many wonderful polymer clay books availalbe and it is really hard to choose one over another. But the question was related to FAVORITE polymer clay book so that made my choice much easier. I found that Christi Friesen's scupltgure series gave me the freedom to not be afraid of the clay anymore. I started to really have fun and that was when my interest in polymer turned a corner to becoming more than just a casual thing.
As for on line resource, you can't beat Polymer Clay Express. If they don't have it, they can usually get it for you.

Anna said...

Hi Heather!
Thank you for offering this wonderfull prizes.

My favorite online source at the moment is the Canadian Shades of Clay, both for supplies and tutorials.

I share My favourite polymer clay books with an earlier post:

Donna Kato - The Art of Polymer Clay - Creative Surface effects


Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio - Polymer clay color inspirations


thecolorofdreams said...

My favorite book is Donna Kato's "The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques". I love all the projects in there. I follow Polymer Clay Daily for inspiration and to keep up on the newest polymer ideas.

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic give away. My favorite polymer book is Polymer clay Surface Techniques by Irene. Priceless. I have two favorite online resources: for product: Clay Factory Marie Segal's husband is amazing. For inspiration: Polymer Clay Daily. Cynthia is a wealth of inspiration.

Thank you for all you do.

treasureislandcrafts said...

When we closed our bookstore in 2009,the only books I kept were the ones on the polymer clay shelf. The one that never fails to amaze me is the first one ever: Nan Roche's "The New Clay". Techniques have gotten a lot more sophisticated and polished since it was published,but I find something new in it every time I pick it up. My favorite online resource for inspiration is Oh, if I only could read French!

skygrazer/Christy said...

Hmm - Favorite book is tough. I love Katherine Dewey's two sculpting books on sculpting animals and figures. I also love Dotty McMillan's book - Creative Ways with Polymer. And if you like cute, check out Christie Friesens books - she does such a nice job with layout and making them interesting.

Favorite online resource at the moment is YouTube - there are a lot if interesting video tutorials out there now. I was looking at a wireworking one last night.

Debra said...

Debra's Dezinez
WOW ! Where to begin! First Big Thank You to Ms. Heather for a chance to win this wonderful book because I have the first one and it's great ! One of my favorite resources for online tutorials would be Polymer Clay Central and for my favorite book and I have many.. would be Donna Kato's The Art of Polymer Clay Millifiori Techniques! Thank You again for the chance to win I visit your blog very often and I am a huge fan! There are so many wonderful polymer clay artist out there and the resources online were so very helpful for me when I first started 6 years ago and have been in love ever since !

Hopemore Studio said...

I have to give a shout out to the book Ancient Modern as well, hands down it's my favorite book for Polymer.

Online resource: a lot of the good ones have been named but I also like Word of Dough, a very cool french blog with tutorials (

Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. ~ Angie

karenwoods at said...

I do a lot of silk screening and surface design on clay so my favorite resource book is Surface Design on Polymer Clay by Ellen Marshall. So many techniques are crossovers from fabric tricks! My favorite resource is cool tools for all their great molds and texture stamps.