April 21, 2011

Bead of the Month Club Update

I thought I would share with you the beads that I have created so far for the Bead of the Month Club.  It is so much fun to give myself a day to play in the studio and make something special.  It's a nice change from my production work and often spurs on several other ideas while I test out prototypes.

The Cherry Blossom Tree pendants will be available at the beginning of May with 50% of the sales going to the Red Cross for aid to Japan.

I created this necklace with one of the Cherry Blossom Tree Pendants, as I made several extras last month.  I paired them with dyed buri nuts, resin beads and brass.

The Bead of the Month Club was sold out, but I have decided to offer 5 more.  You can purchase the year long subscription here.  You'll first package will include the 3 beads above and April's bead.  They will go quickly as two have already sold this morning.  Don't wait this will be your last chance. 

Do you schedule days to play and explore new creative ideas?  I highly recommend pencilling in a date! 


Rebecca said...

So glad I am a member of this club! I have just been brave enough to use my January bead :-) I'm definitely a hoarder. The cherry blossom bead is lovely.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh sooooo jealous of Rebecca!!! That cherry tree is LOVELY!!!! Might be my new favorite.

Have a Happy Happy Easter Heather!

vicki said...

Hi Heather - I was doing some blog surfing this evening (rare that I have the time to do this!)- and I ended up here. I just want to tell you that your beads are fabulous! I love the birds, th eggs, the nests - the starfish pendant - they are all gorgeous! I have marked your etsy shop so that I can visit again later! WOW - you do great stuff!

Happy Easter~