April 6, 2011

BTW - Owl Themes & New Bunting Banners

New Owl Themes
It's Bead Table Wednesday!  Jess chickened out on writing on the blog last week, baby steps folks - he is just learning how to take care of his Etsy shop.  I think the blog idea scares him.  Silly boy! 

So I've been working on some new owl beads since I returned home.  Just playing and trying new things before I go back to the daily routine.  I'm thinking of working these into something for the Bead Star contest since the deadline is the 8th.  Hmm, two more days I can whip up a few things by then. 

The first photo features a pendant that I drew the owl and hand-painted it.  The second is a toggle with wings holding a key - kind of loving that one.  The last photo on the bottom shows where I'm heading with an egg from Kelley's Beads, a Green Girl Studio nest and a mix of copper beads, pewter spacers and stick pearls.

New Work from Jess
Now let's head over to Jess' table.  Here are the bunting banner pendants finished.  LOOOOVE them!  They will be in shop later today.  He also has a few more pendants that he has been working on lately. 

So what are you working on this week?  Show me the good, the bad and the ugly.  Messy tables, piles only you can navigate or little vignettes of goodies.  Whatever you want to show, share it on the Bead Table Wednesday flickr group and visit with your fellow beaders for some inspiration and camaraderie. 


SueBeads said...

Love yours and his!

Marie Cramp said...

Those are fantastic!! That Toggle will be a huge seller for you if you decide to make these so the rest of us can get some ;) Love the cute Owl!! He is amazing! I had no idea that the Bead Star deadline was the 8th! I may have to try for a last minute piece!!
Miss chatting with you, it`s been awhile!

somethingunique said...

Hey Heather, that carved owl is amazing i just love using owls in my creations a really good seller people just love owls ttfn L:)

Gina Chalfant said...

Really beautiful, Heather. Owls move quickly and yours is really sweet. Love the toggle too!

quickcer said...

Love the owls. And Jess's pieces are great.

Mellisa said...

Gorgeous stuff! (hey, I tried to email you a couple of times last week and the messages bounce back to me...could you send me an email?)

Alice said...

Great pieces! I'm loving the sweet little owls.

Your hubby has an unusual last name. I have a relative that shares the same last name and I always wonder if there is a connection when this happens. I'm kind of funny that way.

Heather Powers said...

Thanks Sue! His and her art - I like that.

Marie - you should enter the Bead Star contest for sure! You have two whole days to whip up something fab. I've missed you too!

Thanks everyone on the feedback about the owl toggle. I did make 2 extras to share. I will list them soon.

Mellisa - I will send you an email. Thanks for letting me know about the bouncing.

Alice - Contreras is a fairly common Hispanic last name. There are lots of Contreras' here in San Antonio. :)

Cindy said...

Heather, your owls are really sweet. I hope your Bead Star piece/s are coming together...I'm sure you'll design something fantastic under pressure! :-)
Jess' bunting pendants are really cool - the talent sure runs in the family!

Grubbi said...

The owls are so sweet!