April 29, 2011

Earthenwood Design Team Inspired Jewelry

Last month the oh so talented beadmaker Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio sent me some goodies to play with and this week I finally sat myself down for a little creative session.

First up, thanks to Tracy Stanley's class on the Bead Cruise, I learned how to make my own chain and decided that's what I wanted to do with a big ol' chunk of a tassel.  I had this ivy covered porcelain bead from Joan Miller from my first trip to Bead & Button.  (Just saying the word makes my eye twitch.) I paired it with a lantern and ceramic drop from Gaea.  And look, there is Melanie's resin covered key.  It's the most!  It's hard to see but there is text that says medley.  I liked that, like a little secret message was written on the key, maybe an invitation to some fairy shindig in some secret garden.  The other key is from Objects and Elements and then some of my favorite Vintaj leaves.

I like jewelry that reminds of paths or lessons I need to learn.  Right now nest eggs are on my mind and saving money up for some big things that are coming my way.  When the egg shaped pendant first arrived, I immediately knew I would turn it into a toggle. I'm all over that crackle glaze finish on Melanie's pendant and connector pieces - sweet!  I paired it up with ceramic beads from Melanie that I had in my stash and a little round tab from Elaine Ray.  The bird, egg and golden branch disk bead are from my Humblebeads inventory - yeah for inventory.  That needs to grow faster.  (There goes my twitching eye again.) 

You can see more Design Team member results on Melaine's blog.


Nicola said...

Hi Heather, absolutely love your work and the organic nature of it. I was just wondering what gauge wire you used to make your links? Kind regards, Nicola

Heather said...

Love them all Heather but ooooooh that first one is grabbing my heart. It looks like an ancient relic from a monastery. Beautiful! Love the colored key and the patina look little house and over course the lovely focal bead. Wow!! You are such an inspiration to me.