June 4, 2011

Bead & Button Update

I have been working away and I'm on schedule and I've slept 8 hours for the last three nights! (That's a miracle!) Today will be my last day of clay work and then we'll be painting, sanding and tagging things for 2 days.  I stopped counting when I reached 700 focal bead, pendants, connectors and clasps. That doesn't include disk beads or charms.  I think I may have enough!  Funny though, the pile doesn't look like 700 beads.  But I will have a full table.


I have sketched out a new plan for my booth and it involves needing 3 of these:
Which led me to list 8 of my new cuff beads on Etsy to pay for said displays!

So if you were lusting and thought you'd have to wait until mid-June to get your mitts on one - well here is your chance.

Some of you have been asking about the vintage image pendants.  I ran into a technical issue with the permanency of the the image transfers and didn't want to cover them in resin.  So I'm waiting on my new supplies and will have those after the show.  My last tests were a success, but I couldn't find one of the items locally, so I'm waiting on the FedEx truck. 

Shop Schedule:
Humblebeads.com closes tomorrow.
Humblebeads.etsy.com closes on Monday. 

I will reopen mid-June, I'm not sure of the date yet.

(I'm planning on taking a little time off when I'm done with B & B to recover and work on some long overdue projects.)


Copper Diem said...

Can the voucher be used for etsy

Beverly Herman said...

It's good thing you can catch up on your sleep on the way to the show. Take care of you!!

Its All About Creating said...

The trays will make a beautiful display! I am going to visit your booth 1212 when I am there....can't wait to see everything in person! -Marlene Brady

earthlyjewels said...

Wow I looove the trays for displays!!!! Good luck in your show...I'm sure all your hard work will definitely pay off! Don't forget to have fun too!

ladynoble said...

Looking forward to seeing you at B&B Heather. I am sure your booth will rock and your displays will be super cute. B&B here I come!!!

Jo said...

Good luck with B&B! I've loved seeing the different stages your beads go through.

Elizabeth said...

I would so love to purchase one of these beauties!! I make beaded cuff bracelets and do free form as well and these beads would make fabulous additions to each!! Love all of your beads!!!