August 15, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday - Working in Small Spaces

I've had a few people ask me if I was going to start Bead Table Wednesday again and I thought, yeah, I should do that!  So here we on Wednesday and I know there is a still a faithful group sharing on their blogs, I hope they will also share on our Flickr group so we can connect again!  It's always so much fun to see what everyone is up and their messy work tables!

I'm in a temporary studio setting.  We have a large studio space downstairs.  It's the size of our main floor.  It has a nice sliding glass door to let in light.  It had the bare bones of something awesome.  And then I injured my knee and stairs are a no-no for now.  So there sits my empty studio and we work in every nook and cranny in my living and dining room. 

Since I have been making more jewelry the beads were taking over the dining room table.  We weren't eating at the dining room table and bead piles were growing out of control.  So I had Jess bring up one of my studio tables and we re-arranged the dining room to include a bead corner.  The tables we found for my studio have two leaves on both sides that fold down and can be used as a buffet if needed.

Most of my beads are stored on a large bookshelf. Nothing fancy, just boxes sorted by materials and colors. Labeled on the outside with my trusty sharpie marker to find things easier.

My essentials tools are on the table, but the big tools hang out in our pantry.  A pantry that doesn't house any dry goods, only beads, tools and various business stuff.

It's not ideal, but I wanted to share that you can be creative and look around in your current space - no matter how small - to carve out a dedicated work space for your beads.

When we were young and rented a small apartment, we used a large cubby bookshelf as a room divider and lined one wall with skinny folding tables and storage under the tables.  It didn't matter that is was a 8' x 4' space, it was mine! 

We hope to move soon and that our new place will include a room that we can use as a dedicated studio/office.  I can't wait to stretch out again.  And more importantly have a door that closes at the end of the day and I can separate from work at night.

And what kind of beads are on my table? Just orders mostly getting ready to head out across the country.  I do have these that are heading into my Etsy shop soon.  Queen Anne's Lace have been one of my muses this summer.

So what's on your Bead Table today?  Check out the Flickr group to see what others are creating and to add your photos.


flyingbeader said...

We don't use the big dining room either so instead of just letting it be the room where my dog slept under the table, I got rid of that & brought down a desk. It is my upstairs studio where I can work on one project, because he doesn't want tons of beads all over the upstairs again. Hope your knee heals soon

Ethan said...

Very creative use of space. Hope your knee heals quickly!

Jennifer Cameron said...

I did it again and posted as my kid. hahaha!

Gutukas said...

I like your post a lot- as I still don't have my beading table, a good suggestion be creative and find a way out for the hobby. I have stuff mostly hiden, but also I like to have it handy whenever I need. Now I use a portable tray- with things I need currently working on three projects.

Meadowland Designs said... your Queen Anne's Lace pendants! And I've been enjoying playing with my recent order.

Despite how cramped you feel, it sounds really nice to me! I work at my desk in the corner...which desperately needs cleaning!
Other than the mess that's on my table, I've been working on autumn themed designs.


Celeste Kemmerer said...

I just got moved into my new studio! I am so delighted and grateful to have a space that I can keep things away from the cats and out of the food...

SummersStudio said...

Small or large, being able to shut the door at the end of the day is a wonderful thing. I have to confess that my dining room table is only recently cleared up. So nice to sit down to a family meal.

Heather, I love BTW and but I've been slack over the last few months. Maybe because so little has happened in the studio. I will do my best to get things together for next week.

Thank you for a glimpse into your studio. I really enjoy that.

TesoriTrovati said...

My bead room overfloweth! I think that if you asked my family they would say that I am on a quest to cover every horizontal surface with stuff! The floor is becoming impassable and I can barely carve out space on my desk! The computer area is no better! I did just buy two really lovely wood rolling carts with drawers to house all the beads from my design team work to keep them separate so thing are in flux again. I want to clean off that table because I have big plans with a small torch! Slowly but surely... sometimes I wish that I could switch my studio out for the never used dining room right above it as there is no natural light in my basement and three huge windows upstairs! But then I would have to have doors to block noise out and actually be forced to be less messy as everyone would see it when they approach the house! Maybe someday...It really is true that you can bead anywhere. I like seeing others' setups! And yours is working for you! Enjoy the day. Erin

lynsey said...

I'm currently living out of a suitcase flitting between my Grans house and my own, but that's what I love about bead weaving, all you need is a lap tray and a beading mat and you're good to go!!

CraftyHope said...

I'm so glad to see you posting for BTW again! I've been trying to hang in there with it, but we all get off track sometimes. I really hate to hear about your knee and having to downsize the craft area for now. It looks like you're still producing some beauties though! Best of luck on finding a space that works better soon.

Genea said...

I'm sorry to hear that you knee is still bothering you. I can sympathize with your tiny working space as I am also in a temporary space myself. The room I am living in is my room/studio and also shares a corner with 2 dog crates. It's pretty crammed in here. Here is a video I took to show my friend Karen ;)

I hope you get to feeling better and get all moved soon!

xo Genea