August 19, 2012

Pity Party Day 3 - Class of One

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Today's Pity Party theme is a Class of One. I've never actually taken a class at a big bead show since I usually work them, but classes are a big part of the fun.  So today let's pull out a favorite book or online tutorial and give it a try.  I know this may be hard today since Sunday might be your family day, so maybe your task for today is finding a project that you'll work on later this week.

I'm a book junkie and I love teaching myself through books.  I have quite a stack of new ones but my favorite at the moment is Rustic Wrappings written by my friend Kerry Bogert. The techniques and projects in the book have me blown away.  I want to try almost every one of them.  First up, I am going to try Kerry's embrodiery technique with wire.  I can't get over the cleverness of this idea!  I may also give her braided wire bracelet a go, I love the look of that one too.  I'm going to give Kerry's book a full review on the Art Bead Scene so I won't say much more.  But I do highly recommend picking up a copy.

I thought you'd enjoy seeing photos from my Inspiration Adventure yesterday.  We spent 3 hours walking the aisles of the Michigan Fiber Fest.  What fun!  I picked up sari ribbon, felted beads, wool roving and was gifted with some yummy embrodiery wool embrodiery floss that I am using today on those felted beads. Last night I practiced embroidering French Knots, which are harder than they seem.

How is your Pity Party going this weekend?  Have you had a chance to shop? I did! Have you busted your stash?  I made a fun necklace that got quite a few compliments on Saturday!  Did you go on an inspiration adventure?  Mission accomplished here.  It's been a fun way to avoid all my horrible jealous feelings of missing out on Bead Fest.  Be sure to share with me on the posts from the last two days to enter to win a gift certificate from

Today is our last day and another chance to win a $25 gift certificate.  In the comments share your favorite online crafty tutorial with me. It doesn't have to be bead related, just one you find inspiring. I will pick one random commenter on Monday as the winner.

My tutorial that I'm sharing today isn't bead related, they are embroidery videos from Mary Corbet.  I'm using them on beads, so it's related in a round-about way.   Share your tutorials in the comments below! (They don't have to be video ones.)


Alice said...

Yes, I busted out my stash and made something, and I took a little inspiration adventure around my house. It's really been fun, and I need to do this more often.

I've never been good at learning techniques from a book. I learn better in a hands-on classroom setting. But my favorite online craft tutorial is Martha Stewart's folded shirt card. I can't tell you how many times my kids and I have made thes. We've made them and hung them on a string like a clothes line for Father's Day, and also made a bunch for the dads at church, and just for package toppers for the guys. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to addapt them to a woman's blouse and attach them to my jewelry mailing boxes. Here's the link.

KayzKreationz said...

I love the Beaducation tutorials. But my favorite so far is the Hammered/Textured metal bracelet class/tutorial I took from them.

Unknown said...

Had a bit of a pity party, but Marla James made sure to snap us all out of it. She hosted a whole day of giveaways on the Creative Bead Chat group on facebook. I donated one of my bobbin beads. Soooo much fun!

My favorite online tutorial? I have SOO many, but my go to one for bead embroidery is Sherry Serafini on youtube.

Kristin Oppold said...

I really love to freeform and I haven't made anything for a couple days now and spent 6 hours with Marla and my new friends at the CBC.

When I do my home shows I usually try to come up with new things for my customers. I learned how to make felted soaps on UTube and I really love working with fiber to thus my funky ShagBags in my shop. I haven't pulled out the fibers lately but have been itching to make some sari links for my jewelry peices. I have a bunch of Art Beads on the way and am slowly building my stash .....this is a new adventure for me as I have mostly worked with stone. I think the Sari Links will look great with some of my art beads.

Marie Cramp said...

That is the next book I am buying for sure! Top of my list :)

Lynda said...

I'm just starting out using polymer clay to make beads for my jewelry designs. And as usual, when I want to learn something new, I go first to on line resources. What a wealth of tutorials. I am so grateful for these very knowledgeable people out there in the ether-world, who generously share with us.
My current favorite is how to make adorable little birds by Judy Shea on her blog site, The Key to My Heart.

Unknown said...

I did do a small amount of stash-busting, made some earrings and started on a new "work in progress" with some recent purchases.

Then of course I was allowed to do a bit more shopping to replace the stash used, so have made use of the Pity Party discount codes - thank you!

In terms of online tutorials, well I used Tammy Powley's tutorials on when I was starting out - they are great for showing you how you can get quick results with simple techniques. This is one I still really like, although slightly disappointingly it doesn't actually show you how to make the sterling wire beads:

Since that time, though, I haven't used so many online tutorials really - have just been concentrating on practising the basic techniques and starting to find my own way combining colours and shapes. I will have a look at some of the tutorials others have recommended above!

CraftyHope said...

I'm hoping to get a copy of that book super soon. I'm glad to hear you're liking it and definitely want to check out your full review.

As for a tutorial, I found this one for a button bracelet from Hope Studios (not me) and am smitten with its simplicity and the fact that it's BUTTONS!!
CUTE, cute, cute!!

thegirlwiththejadegown said...

I bought bead from you!!!!!! I can't wait to get them. I'm also waiting to get my hands on that book. I'll have to wait a couple of months with the purchases I made this month, however.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

My favorite online tutorial is anything by Brenda Sue (B'Sue) on Youtube. She is so funny and makes everything so understandable.

Kimisjewelryandgifts said...

I busted out my stash and created with a bead I won in a giveaway. A pink frog it is really adorable.

2nd. I went to a local art show. Posted on yesterdays post. lots to share on that day. :)

Today my tutorial challenge and favorite that I have been wanting to try is a Pair of beautiful crystal earrings for Me. Lol I bought the tutorial and loved them. I have a event this winter that they will be perfect for since they are big bling. The tutotorial is from mywiredimagination on Etsy. The link is . I love working with wire and beads but these square swarovski are so expensive. I need to invest in them for my shop. I made mine all crystal. My blog post will be tonight if anyone wants to stop by.

Would be fun if we did a blog hop about this pity party event :)

Freestyle Elements said...

I did some stash-busting while I was trying to rearrange and organize my work room, and got seriously distracted! Tried out some new earring ideas with pretty good results. I then took a nice walk outside, watching the thunderclouds build, after the CBC giveaway, which was loads of fun, and I won a tool set!

I am still working on taking good jewelry photos, so one of the tutorials that I refer to the most right now is

Stepha said...

I made a bracelet this weekend, And made my own components. I used Beaducation and Beadaholique, to learn the correct way to do them. I will be blogging about this weekend tonight and have it posted tomorrow. I am starting to collect jewelry books, I have two so far. lol. Lorelei and Erin's along with 50 metal bracelets.. I cannot recall the exact name. I also purchased a pair of lovely earrings from Lorelei.. Wonderful weekend!!

Beaditi said...

Heather, inspired by your "mossy display", I looked around for some other jewelry display ideas...
And here is EVERYTHING FALL & AUTUMN - rustic, birch, bark, plaid, and other fun materials!

Anonymous said...

My inspiration yesterday involved going to the Habitat for Humanity store. I love bugs, so here's a great tutorial that makes a cute polymer clay project accessible to everyone: by Christi Friesen.

Anonymous said...

This Pity Party idea is such a fun idea! I did take an inspirationmal walk on Saturday and posted the pictures on my
FB page. I've picked a project to try but got invaded by 3 grandsons and two sons this morning before work complete with chainsaws and yardworking tools so there went my plans out the window. But, I have a favorite bracelet tutorial page from Tracy at Making Bracelets Blog ( and plan to try one out on my day off.
Thanks for helping me find another cool way to spend my money by introducing me to this Rustic Wrappings book!
I'm really glad I could not get to that fiber show with you. There would be one empty piggy bank here.
Now, I am off to your shop to order something I fell in love with. Lee

Kimisjewelryandgifts said...

My finished blog about my fun filled Bead Fest ~ Pity party weekend. Hope everyone stops by. Ill be checking out everyones tommorow to see how all of you were inspired. Thanks so much for having this. I really needed the pick me up. Alot of hurting the last few weeks and this really got me motivated. Hugs and happy creating to all. The tutorial I did today was by mywiredimagination on Etsy here is the link. More information about it on my blog also

Maplegirl said...

I love the idea of the pity party activities. Thank you too for the discount codes. I used a few of them, and found some new artists. Wonderful.

I love learning through books or pictures. My latest that I am trying is from, the sorrento scroll. I have some of them out of the tumbler but haven't linked them together yet (want to put some lampwork beads in between some). Free tutorial and great pictures. Andrea

TesoriTrovati said...

I got out my book Show Your Colors by my friend Sara Oehler and Jamie Hoggsett. I find it so hard to leave the wire exposed! I didn't do a project but I let that book by my guide and I took the pieces from a broken bracelet and let the wire show in the new bracelet I made. I think I will make a stack of them soon!

It was a full weekend around here. On top of that I had some deadlines looming that I had to get busy on. We spent the morning at a football scrimmage. I could feel fall in the air. That means the leaves will be turning soon. And I had a special project to complete to make a piece of jewelry in my style (whatever that is!) inspired by my home state. I completed "Autumnal Corsage" and it will be on view soon! I didn't get around to making anything with my stash, but I did take 5 boxes and pull out some long lost B&B treasures and pairings of my favorite art bead artists with coordinating beads to have some ready to go inspiration (sitting on top of my three muffin tin inspirations!;-) At least that is something!

As for tutorials, I have never taken any online ones and I am dying to do something like that with the clan at Beaducation. I happen to have a little CD that I got free from B&B this year that is on my table. I might have to pop that in and see what they have to teach me! It is a must for me to take classes when I go someplace. My most recent one was in July with Richard Salley. Thrilling!

Thanks for hosting this fun party Miss Heather! I feel so glad that I could participate somewhat!

Enjoy the day.

Miri Agassi said...

I love to find new tutorials in the Internet. My favorite is by Mikki Ferrugiaro. I wrote about her in my blog
Thanks for this party !!!

swopemelmel said...

Lorelei just did a video about Wire Wrapping Briolettes on her blog. This has been FUN and now I want that book !!!!!
swopemelmel @ aol dot com