November 14, 2012

Gilded Leaf Pendants

I've been enjoying waking up on these frosty Michigan mornings to see the fields around my house covered in a magical world of tiny crystals.  That combined with perhaps one too many decorating magazines on my Kindle and I couldn't help but notice that gilded natural elements are this year's biggest trend for the holidays.   I like a little glitter and sparkle with my nature-inspired creations.

These leaves are layers of gold leaf and translucent clay to mimic treasures captured in ice.  The gold leaf glows underneath the clay like they are lighted from within.  I love it!

I'm so ready for all things wintry, Christmasy - filled with light and joy.  I can't wait to decorate my tree, make some holiday gifts and start baking something besides beads.  That last part is a rare occurrence in the Humble home. 

We have a whole collection of beads based on these leaves, check back soon for more updates.  These frosty beauties can be found in my Etsy shop.


Rosanne said...

You are really getting me in the mood for Christmas with all the great things you're making. I love all the glitter and sparkle at Christmas. Keep the inspiration coming!

Rosanne said...
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Lorelei said...

Ooooh so pretty!

Colleen said...

Heather - these are beautiful!