November 9, 2012


We are still working through boxes and boxes.  I can't wait to start nesting, put up paintings and making this place our own.  This is a print from Jackie Lehman, I will be ordering it soon for my dining room.  I'm also looking through my Pinterest boards for inspiration for decorating.  I love adding those little touches that make a house a home.   

We have so much to do, but that isn't stopping us from inviting family over - after all this is the reason we have moved down here.  Tomorrow we will host a little housewarming party with homemade pizzas and playing cards with my favorite people.  Life is good and filled with so much happiness at the moment.  I feel like my soul has woken up for a very long and sleepy nap.

Hopefully I'll have new beads to share next week.  Until then here are some lovelies that look like they would fit in nicely with the print above! 

(Today is also the last day for my sale: SWEETHOME for 20%, shop here.)


Terri D. said...

Have fun with your guests!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful print with us! Happy nesting!

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