March 9, 2007

Bead Shopping List

Tomorrow Rings & Things will be in town for a bead show. Here is what's on my wish list:
Bird charms
bronze colored shell beads
pearls, big and imperfect
copper colored glass beads
faceted stone rectangles of some kind
smoky quartz in a faceted shape
some chain, maybe? (sterling or brass)
bronze castings, if they have any.
The basics:
crimp beads
sterling silver earwires
okay, now I'm off to experiment with some beaded crocheted elements. Don't you love vague descriptions?
May all your beady wishes come true this weekend!


No Easy Beads said...

That would be fun to go to a Rings & Things show.
On my beady wish list.
Seed beads in gold iris matte
matte metallic teal raku and one cuts.

Heather Powers said...

I'll keep my eyes open. :)

D.C. said...

Have fun shopping, I have to go to a wedding so I won't be able to go. :( I had even saved up some spending $$$. Oh well, maybe I'll by some shoes instead. :)

Heather Powers said...

Hi Denise,
You'll have to wait until the SABOS show May 5th! Keep saving those bead pennies.

melanie of earthenwood studio said...

Oh I have always wanted to go to a R&T show! They come to my area pretty frequently, but i am always out of town or at a show! THis time I am going to go when they come to Detroit!

Tari of claybuttons said...

I went to my first R&T show last year. Oh my! It is so easy to spend tons of money. I had to sit in a chair to add up everything, then slowly start putting things back. Tough decisions had to be made!
Have fun Heather!