March 3, 2007

Under the Sea

You must go look at this jewelry. Robyn Gordon's polymer clay and mixed media jewelry inspired by the sea is just amazing.

And here are a few of my jewelry creations inspired by the mysterious world beneath the blue.

Needle-felted forms embellished by beads.

Polymer clay beads inspired by various sea urchins. I can't wait to go snorkeling again in Cozumel, only 23 days to go!


No Easy Beads said...

The new blog is looking great! Robin Gorden has some beautiful polymer clay pieces. Thanks for sharing her site.

pam annesley said...

I just love anything to do with ocean and these are just gorgeous.
Pam (Beads 'n Threads)
Western Australia

The Lone Beader said...

Wow! I just love these beaded felt seashells! Just beautiful=:)

Heather Powers said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. I'm crazy about the ocean too! (does is show?)