March 5, 2007

Spring Hues

Copper and olive are in high demand at right now. Wouldn't they be perfect with the new brass and copper findings & charms?

Here are some beads in colors that sing of tiger lilies, new growth and give an edge to Spring fashion neutrals. Think natural linen with olive green and bronze. Khaki with copper accessories.

Spacers in copper, bronze and metallic olive, great for accents or earrings.

6-hole cuff beads in metallic olive and copper.

Copper Lariat, a long tube bead. Use them together in a necklace or separately as pendants.
Here is a bracelet that I made for myself a while ago using disk beads in copper.


No Easy Beads said...

The spring hues are colors I use all the time. I love the copper and olive cuff beads. I see a copper and olive one in my future.
Can you see it too? *grin*

Heather Powers said...

she is subtle with the hints, isn't she?

No Easy Beads said...
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No Easy Beads said...

A Mom's gotta do...what a Mom's gotta do to get a humblebead!!!