March 21, 2007

Selling is Sharing

Here is a photo of my jewelry booth at a market day in San Antonio with my mom from a few years ago. I haven't sold my jewelry much lately. I mostly sell around the holidays and to a small gallery here in town. Of course, I'm too busy making beads for all of you to work on jewelry! After the cruise I am going to work on a new line of jewelry that I've been thinking and dreaming about for a few years.

Elaine Ray has written a nice article on "conversational selling" over at our new blog, the Art Bead Scene. Go check it out. We have lots of fun planned for this group blog.

The cruise sets sail on Monday, I can not wait! Now there will be some jewelry to oohh and ahhh over.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Beautiful!
I wished I could be in the USA to have each one of them!
Congratulations Heather: your work is amazing and would sell thousands in my country!
Best wishes,