April 22, 2007

First I should probably clarify: I have a list of bead stores that I'm marketing to, what I'm hoping for are those ones that are hidden treasures in your neck of the woods. You know, the ones who might not advertise in Bead & Button but love finding unique beads to offer to their customers.

Those little beads do but the bread on the table. : ) I just enjoy worrying, it's my part-time job and I'm so good at it.

So I have a Bead Show coming up the first weekend of May. Last night I had a nightmare. I was at Martha Stewart's house and she was having an open house for a few of her artist friends. I had my beads, but no display. So Martha and I were going through her kitchen looking for something that would work, but couldn't find anything. I kept asking if she had a cake stand. Now, if she had read my article on inexpensive jewelry displays, she might have been more of help.

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LJ said...

Excellent blog, Heather. Droolingly great beads, wonderful display ideas in your article on inexpensive retailing backdrops. But most, oh the beautiful, beautiful BEADS. You have a gorgeous color sense!