April 20, 2007

I'm ready for a nap...

When I returned from the Bead Cruise, I found myself in the somewhat scary position of being family bread winner. Jess is currently looking for work and seems to be taking his time. Which is kind of a mystery to me. : )

I'm a workaholic. I work from 8 am until 7pm and then I'm back at it for an hour or two before I go to bed. I try to stop. When I'm not working, I'm thinking about working. When I'm not making stuff, I'm marketing stuff, I'm researching, I'm sketching and planning. I wish I could just turn it off at 3pm when my girls got home. I hang out for about an hour, do the homework thing and chat about our day and then they go off to play and I'm back to my studio. I'm not always so bad, but I have a bead show in 2 weeks, orders to fill and a mortgage to pay. It can keep a girl hopping.

So today, I developed a brochure, printed it and made samples to send out to Bead Stores that are art bead friendly. I've also updated my website with a spiffy new homepage.

I need your help...do you have a lead for me? A local bead store that carries artist made beads? If you do, please leave a link to their website in the comments section. If more than 5 people leave a link, I'll draw a name for a free bead.



Heather, you are not the only one. I make beads all day from 10 to 7, cook, clean and back on-line or making jewelry, make some sketches and try to sleep. I have a friend who is a bead vendor,so she takes my beads and sell at the show. We split half and half. I'm not sure this is the way to make a living, but I'm always be a stay at home mom, so it is difficult to find a real job. Hang in there, your beads are beautiful and unique.

Heather Powers said...

A "real job" Silastone? Don't think of it that way! Just keep finding new places to sell your beads and all that hard work will pay off. I couldn't imagine working for anyone else. I'm the best boss in the world!

happy creating!

p.s. love your tutorial blog.


Ok, boss, can I work for you? Then you have to teach me how you make your beads. LOL:)
P.S. I do not make cane :)

D.C. said...

Hey Heather, I'm sorry I don't have any leads, but I just wanted to let you know I'm rooting for ya. I know what its like to be the breadwinner and it can be tough sometimes. Hang in there girl, your stuff is awesome.

artandtea said...

Hi Heather, There is a bead store several towns over from where I live in MA and I've seen art beads sold there. Here is their link: http://www.crystalbeadsofboston.com/ It is a pretty big place and they seem to have a good amount of traffic. Good luck!