April 11, 2007

Humblebeads National and Local News

Boy those humblebeads get around.
First, I'd like you all to celebrate with me. One of my beads has made it's cover debut. Yes, you can see a humblebead on the cover of Beads 2007. Two of them in fact. I'm on the inside too...an editor's pick. It's a banner day in the studio. Now to get the entire cover to myself. mawhahaha. (that's evil laughter, in case you were wondering.)

Second, kind of national - another shout out at Polymer Clay Daily. Oh that makes my day! Lots of visitors today, so welcome, welcome, take your coat off, make yourself at home. If you haven't seen my beadmaking tips for polymer clay, here they are.

And the local news, I'm going to have a booth at the San Antonio Bead & Ornament Society's Annual Spring Show, May 5th & 6th. So if you are in the Southwest Texas area, this is your personal invite to come say a beady 'howdy' to me.
And that's the news for tonight folks. Happy Creating!


D.C. said...

congrats on all the great news Heather! The new style of beads are amazing! :) Denise

Heather Powers said...

Thanks Denise. Make sure you come visit me at the SABOS show.

Lavender said...

Congratulations Heather!
And Im loving those lariat beads pictured on this post - Yummo colours and patterns,

Margot Potter said...

You make lovely beads. You are sure to make a cover any moment now!

The post below about sales made me smile. I used to have a bead store/handicraft gallery. People are so used to salespeople being rude, when I was nice they'd get defensive. I'd get the "I'm just looking" response...then I'd laugh and say "I'm just saying hello"...and they'd relax. I had a sign on the counter that read:
"We are really friendly and sometimes say hello, don't be afraid."


Natalie Pappas said...

That's terrific! Congratulations! :) Do you ever make it out to the Fort Worth area of Texas?