April 10, 2007

If your craft business is a tax right-off...

5 Ways to Get Customers Fleeing your booth:

1. Act moody and depressed, you want to portray that whole artist mystic.

2. Assemble your booth to look like a maze. Your artwork is worth the effort to view.

3. If it's a slow day, do gossip loudly with your neighbor about how poorly the show was promoted. If it's a busy day, gossip loudly with your neighbor about your fellow artisans.

4. When someone compliments your jewelry make sure to say, "Oh that thing, I made it like 5 years ago. I can't believe I even put that on my table."

5. By all means, bring a book, crossword puzzle or cell phone to pass those long, boring hours when those pesky "customers" are in the your booth taking up your time.

Oh, you actually want to make money selling your arts & crafts at shows?

Then try: smiling and saying hello when customers approach your booth. Create a booth that is open and easy to walk into, make sure it looks inviting and not like a medieval torture chamber. Keep a positive attitude, no matter what the day brings. Give knowledgeable answers about your creative process and the unique materials that you use in your artwork, make sure to point out why they are benefits to your customer. Don't get distracted, you have a story to tell about your artwork. Spend your day sharing your creations with everyone who walks into your booth.

If you follow these simple steps you may just make a profit. Which means you'll have to pay your taxes. But you'll have money to buy that new camera you've had your eye on, which is a tax right-off if you use it for your business!

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