December 1, 2008

Free Ornament Project

Illuminated Manuscript Ornament

1 1/2" thick brass chain
3/4" thin brass chain
27mm Lucite flower
Glass beads
3 brass spacers
1 brass 2" headpins
2 brass 2" eye pins
6" silk ribbon

1. String brass spacer, monogram bead and a brass spacer one of the eye pins. Trim the wire to 1/4" and create a loop round nose pliers.

2. Attach the thick brass chain to the top loop and the thin brass chain to the bottom loop.

3. On the headpin, string the glass bead, Lucite flower and spacer. Trim wire to 1/4" and create a loop with round nose pliers.

4. Use round nose pliers to shape the other eye pin into a simple hook, attach to the top chain.

5. Tie the ribbon to the chain, near the top.

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Lucite flower from BellaNoelle.

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No Easy Beads said...

Great open house today. You are so generous with your free ornament instructions. This one is my favorite