December 13, 2008

Stuff Those Stockings!

I was hoping to list these yesterday, but those orders kept me busy. It's so hard to get everything done in just 8 hours while the girls are in school. I would often work for 2 or 3 hours in the evenings, but I've had some serious convictions about not working every waking moment and spending more time with my family and friends. I'm a workaholic, so it's a challenge.

I worked from 6:30am until just now. I'm getting ready to turn off this machine, clean my house a bit and pull out the Christmas decorations. Bake some cookies and help one daughter create a solar system. All in a day in life, huh?

I'm loving these faux vintage locket pendants that I made for the show. I have a few left and they are now listed on my website. At 30% off, they make a beautiful gift for $26! Now is a great time to pick up some stocking stuffers, I have earrings for $15 and the cutest squirrel and hedgie pendants. All jewelry is shipping out the next business day by priority mail, still in plenty of time to arrive before the big day. You'll just have to run over and see what else I put up today! I'm off to enjoy the day, I hope you do the same.

Visit the Humblebeads' Jewelry Gallery and check those names off your shopping list!

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