April 27, 2009

Summer Inspiration

Flickr Photo Credits: 1. Queen Anne's Lace, 2. Queen Anne's Lace, 3. Queen Anne's lace, 4. Queen Anne's Lace Embroidered Wool Cuff, 5. Queen Anne's Lace Stems, 6. 178-366b Queen Anne's Lace II

For the Art Bead Scene's Studio Saturday post I wrote about the start of summer here in San Antonio. (You can leave a comment over there for a chance to win a free dandelion bead.) It's in the 80's every day now. I can handle the 80's. But by mid-June and temps in the 100's I've had my fill of the south! By then everything is brown on brown with water restrictions.

My question on the Art Bead Scene was what motifs/designs remind you of summer. So I'll answer the question here. When I think of summer my thoughts turn to growing up in Michigan There is the magic of the dandelions - the puff ball version, of course. Who doesn't love a chance for wish-making! I miss the smell of the lilac bushes that grew outside my bedroom window. That was always the first clue that summer had arrived. The tiger lilies were another favorite along with irises. And I have fond memories as a child running through wild fields surrounded by Queen Anne's Lace. Weeds, flowers, they are all beautiful.

I'm making plans to head to Michigan again this summer. I keep thinking 4 weeks sounds about right! If I could, I would move back home every summer, but I don't think Jess would appreciate it. So a month seems like a good compromise. Now I really need to find some time for new bead designs, I'm going crazy with all these ideas accumulating and not being created!

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Sharon said...

I forgot about those Heather, Queen Anne's lace and Tiger Lilies, and Lilac, because I don't really see them any more, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough! Those photos of the Queen Annes Lace blew me away, so gorgeous and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing the nice photos and nice inspiration!