April 9, 2009

Website Wish List

I'm looking for someone to barter with who can redesign and build my illustration portfolio website for me. I would like to barter for beads and/or jewelry for the website, I'm thinking around $250.

I have the content and images on a less than stellar website: www.humblearts.com

What I'm looking for:
*Clean and simple gallery with thumbnails that click unto individual pages.
*To have the html written instead of using the godaddy.com template. I'd rather host the site at godaddy.com than have the Website Tonight account.
*Stats set up.
*Something I can go in and easily make updates with new work using my limited html knowledge.
*I'd like to keep the design simple and let the artwork shine.

It's important to me that you are familiar with Go Daddy hosting. My time frame is mid-May.

If you are interested, please send me a link to websites you've created.

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