May 1, 2009

We have winners!

(Ceramic Mixed Tape Necklace by CharityElise)

Hola Beady Friends! I just finished drawing the winners for my Mixed Tape Challenge, thanks to everyone who played along! I enjoyed the high school photos, ah the big hair of the 80's! Fun times. My two favorite song choices would have to be Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys, thanks Gaea and Parents Just Don't Understand by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, sweet pick Cindy L.! Those two had me chuckling all day. All the entries were thrown into a basket and after some vigorous shaking two winners were drawn at random:
Mary McGraw - $50 gift certificate to or
Valerie $25 gift certificate to
But don't feel sad, I have a little surprise for everyone! You can take advantage of free shipping this weekend in my etsy shop or website. Use discount code m2008. And I have a tiny polymer clay starfish charm for anyone who places an order this weekend.

The playlist that I'm working to today:
Love: Lost & Found Playlist


Gaea said...

Congrats to the winners! What a fun contest! Thanks Heather! It was a prize checking out everyones blogs!

No Easy Beads said...

That was a great contest. Congratulations to the winners.

Valerie said...

OH- I feel honored :) And it was my birthday today too!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Valerie - and congrats! It's nice to know another May Day girl :o) (yeah, it's my birthday, too...)

Lisa Clarke said...

Well, darn! I got so caught up in re-photographing so many of my website photos this week, I completely forgot to play. Ah well. Maybe I'll still do it when like slows down a bit :-) (I'd like to know what that will actually be,LOL!)

Congrats to the winners!