June 4, 2010

23 Days of Inspiration: Faux Bois

Faux Bois means "fake wood" in French.  I first saw crafts with faux bois on the home page of Etsy in a beautiful treasury.  I had created a faux bois bead years before, it didn't have such a catchy name.  I think I called them bark beads.  After seeing the treasury I created a few limited edition sets and have since revisited the themes a few times.  I like putting the brown, creams and whites with softer colors or navy and purple.  Much like the Klimt painting from yesterday.

And of course, since even though the art work crosses over into a different medium, it's me doing the creating so I've noticed some similar themes running through my beads and illustration.  Here are two examples of the faux bois pattern in my prints.

If you like my illustrations, be sure to check out my Humblearts Zazzle shop for products that feature my artwork.


Betty Ann said...

Great article thanks. I really enjoy your blog

I just bought an excellent bead book and I wanted to share it with everyone

Rose said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the "fireflies" print!